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It was a maudlin lyric about a girl who wanted to buy her boyfriend a dog to remember her by.
Reviewers have compared the results to soap opera — maudlin and superficial but also insightful and addictive.
If not for his charm and quick wit, this film could easily lapse into slick sentimentality and maudlin predictability.
This is not a man given to making himself the center of a maudlin or glorious saga.
He has a very crude sense of humor, indicated by his obsession with toilet jokes, and an irrepressible maudlin streak.
Chaplin, he was never sentimental and he never resorted to maudlin pathos.
This new biography of Dickens waddles along like a maudlin elephant that has attached itself to us against our will.
The book version could easily have been a maudlin celebrity tie-in, sugar-coated with inspiration and soggy with tears.
Put your maudlin preoccupations in a box and drop it in a landfill.
Friends came by on maudlin visits.
They whined insolently, and in maudlin tones begged me for pennies, and worse.
Other people, no doubt, will find it disgustingly maudlin.
It's touching without being maudlin and provides serenity and a sense of continuation of life.
Maudlin emotionalism and left-wing idealism doesn't get the human species anywhere.
But your stories, despite these themes, are never maudlin.
The ridiculous one is the maudlin glissando on ukulele and steel guitar, the tear-duct of popular music.
It takes place in a beautiful place, and it is affecting without being maudlin.
It was deliberate and touching, without ever being slow or maudlin.
Then she hopes to meet him so they can get maudlin drunk together in some seedy bar and temporarily forget their loneliness.
Unfortunately it is marred by a maudlin and melodramatic end.
The effect is bewildering, and what should be the climax becomes flat and seemingly maudlin.
Most of this goes down easily, and the film only occasionally shows its maudlin streak.
Where it should be tender and simple it is maudlin and over-dressed.
With these touches, the film promises not to exploit its subject in maudlin ways, and that is a promise it keeps.
For some reason, that is a confession as maudlin as the movie we're trying to defend.
Any loss--not too maudlin, please--that you're ready to avenge with a public victory.
Instead, maudlin lyrics and generic arrangements follow.

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It is a maudlin and indecent verity that comes out through the strength of wine.... more
I could isolate, consciously, little. Everything seemed blurred, yellow-clouded, yielding nothing tangible. Her inept ac... more
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