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Bill's problem with his employer's oversight was not so much ego, as a matter of his deeply ingrained sense of fairness.
They are in the matter and substance of the poetry, and they are in its manner and style.
Dark matter, the substance no one has ever seen, continues to baffle cosmologists.
On a purely visual level, they are appealing for the same reasons their subject matter is: they look delicious.
She had never attended art school, had no studio and had not yet focused on any particular subject matter.
But its subject matter, apparently, is still disappearing.
The ironic clash of high price and cheap subject matter couldn't be louder.
The problem is not strictly a matter of water scarcity.
Innovation experts and consultants stress repeatedly that innovation isn't a matter of subject knowledge.
Once the novelty wears off, unless you have a particular interest in the subject matter, they're boring.
We let the characters and subject matter be the charm and avoid over-styled music, treatments and graphics.
Different subject matter, but the same struggle to represent.
Even though it shares an important complex of emotions with its subject matter, it does not follow that it is a dangerous film.
The sun could be a net for dark matter, a new study suggests.
These experts assert that tickling is more than a laughing matter.
So I said there are three things that matter.
It's easy to identify the rankings that really matter.
But one should make the case as to why the period you are covering matters or represents a coherent time frame for analysis.
These were all super easy to fix, it's just a matter of finding the problem.
He means dark matter in the most literal sense, material that is dark in color, not dark energy/dark matter.
No matter what their faults may be, they are infinitely more interesting than pigeons.
No matter how you slice them, baby carrots are big on flavor.
It should matter which field a student selects, and it undoubtedly does.
No matter where team loyalties lie, football fans unite every season for food-filled game days.
No matter which type you choose, feed plants regularly during the growing season, and they'll reward you with lush growth.
They are intersegmental and run for varying distances sending off collaterals and terminals to the gray matter.
He begins neither with mind nor with matter, but with ideas.
Worldly would never dream of speaking to anyone-no matter whom-if it could be avoided.
Both in matter and in manner they were excellent, but they did not make their author famous.
Scientists have suspected for more than two decades that schizophrenia is linked to defects in the brain's white matter.
Some unknown astrophysical process, perhaps related to dark matter, may be at work.
There are two types of matter in the universe: ordinary matter, including the material that makes up stars.
Anti-matter can be produced using radioactive substances.
Several researchers wrote in, giving a sense of the varied ways to approach the matter.
Dark matter distribution isn't uniform across galaxies.
They discuss developments during the past two decades in string theory and the discoveries of dark matter and dark energy.
Many relationship experts say it's not the fights that matter so much as the making up post-fight.
The matter originated in the big bang has been radially expanding since then at the speed of light.
Predictably, there will be a lot of palaver about whether this is the right way to do science or medicine, but it won't matter.
What they mean and what they imply-well, that's another matter.
The term jet propulsion refers to the action produced by a reactor to the ejection of matter.
She also ponders the makeup of dark matter, unseen particles that have shaped the growth of the entire cosmos.
Natural selection had fallen out of favor, in particular over the matter of animal coloration.
The invader spreads through the host in a matter of days.
The size of the animal or the vocal fold, or the frequency of the sound, didn't matter.
None of us were particularly good at tennis-or at golf, either, for that matter.
The keeping of such items is thievery and should be consider a criminal act, no matter for what reason.
But first, there was the matter of carving out a livelihood.
It is thousands of years old renewable armatures and forms are another matter.
But to hold an egg that actually contains nascent life is quite another matter, a tremendous responsibility.
The physical act of covering a beach with foreign matter changes the beach, affecting this delicate balance.
Not only does it do away with the whole matter of focusing a shot, but it also turns photos into playthings.
As the scientists behind the study hypothesize, it may be a matter of feeding habits.
Anyone can have an adventure in nature, no matter where they live.
There is a school of criticism that says it shouldn't matter whether a work of art is personal, only that it succeed as art.
And yes, what other people think does matter sometimes.
The following quote sums up my opinion on the matter.
Sarcasm is fascinating no matter how you look at it.
She would prepare and served meals on a regular schedule, no matter how important his and her husband's work was.
Or the electrons may be the long-awaited physical evidence of elusive dark matter.
Petroleum, a major source of energy, comes from organic matter.
The action of eating matter speeds up the pulsar's spin to hundreds of rotations a second.
The sun's role in global warming has long been a matter of debate and is likely to remain a contentious topic.
They are composed largely of gas and plasma, a superheated state of matter composed of subatomic particles.
The difference is a matter of geometry, atmosphere, and language.
By devouring rotting matter, the scavenging insects cleared the nest of potentially dangerous microbes.
With time, gravity can pull the clumps of matter together to form planets.
Adult twig catfish also munch on algae as well as the fallen plant matter they use for camouflage.
The two authors have borrowed a name for this invisible wealth: dark matter.
Over the past few years, economists have been reverting to the view that population does indeed matter.
Whether anyone will want a government-sanctioned style is another matter.
And such crises put extraordinary pressure on exchange-rate pegs, no matter how permanent policymakers claim them to be.
One possibility discussed at the meeting is whether the distribution in space of dark matter might help explain what happens.
Culture is not the only factor: economic policies matter too.
But if it were a matter of security, it could happen.
National borders still matter a lot for business strategists.
The matter has been contested in a blizzard of law suits ever since.
Some irresponsible people, on both sides of the political aisle, think that a temporary shutdown would not matter all that much.
And the facts of matter in this case is that the record industry is operating under obsolete business models and copyright laws.
Sometimes it isn't a matter of bad manners, but of inexperience.
And so, rock climbing is not really mind over matter, even if it looks that way to the admiring observer.
Its popularity is definitely not only, or even mainly, a matter of time-saving efficiency.
It doesn't matter what method you use if you do not first focus on one intangible factor: the bond between professor and student.
We might simply conclude that mission statements do not matter.
It does not matter how much you know if you cannot communicate it appropriately to other people.
It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or even what time of year really.
The overly-stigmatized ritual is only problematic when junk food boxes and bags are emptied in a matter of hours, not days.
He can stand even a coot's wildness because that is a wildness of the sea, but this land raciness is a different matter.
In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.
Rather than a show that hopes to offend nobody, it would be a show that aims to entertain, no matter whom it offends.
Marriage is accounted a serious matter, but advice about marriage is sure to be humorous.
What does matter is that popular refusal to tolerate the current state of affairs appears to be reaching a tipping point.
For example, many students at one college she visited claimed to have gone to the theater, no matter where they had actually been.
We're both discerning and straightforward and want our films to have a simple, matter-of-fact tone.
If dark matter exists it may take the form of mirror planets, mirror stars and mirror galaxies.
These myelin-coated tracts make up the brain's white matter, while the bodies of neural cells are called grey matter.
That's an increase in trapping time of four orders of magnitude, comparable to what's possible with good old ordinary matter.
Changes in rainfall aren't gonna matter a butterfly's fart to undersea fault lines.
Most think that there must be a halo of invisible matter pulling the stars in some unseen way.
It means, the opposite handed galaxies should be attached to the opposite sides of dark matter foamy structures.
The algae and oil can be separated in a matter of minutes, he adds.
Clearly, many of these antiparticles must be annihilated when they meet particles of ordinary matter.
Messages sent in this way can never be cracked by an eavesdropper, no matter how powerful.
Ignorance and myth have given way to an extraordinarily detailed understanding of life, matter and the universe.
The bacteria sit on an electrode--the anode--as they metabolize organic matter in an oxygen-devoid chamber.
So it should only be a matter of weeks or months before they reveal the first evidence of it.
For example electrical tape absorbs infrared quite well, no matter the visible color.
Pop says that so far, these variations don't seem to matter in the memory devices.
But for many applications, none of this will matter.
Making fuel from cellulosic plant matter has the potential to be much more sustainable.
In fact, it is only ten years since scientists settled this matter.
It is expensive however but that doesnt matter to the modern consumer, buy buy buy is all they think.
They crash the company into the ground, but it doesn't really matter, because they have their golden parachutes.
Buses are big contributors to particulate matter in cities.
The political feasibility of the plan is another matter.
No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own.
Depending on one's personality and position, there is also the matter of whether others around us are richer.
We all should be bothered by environmental contamination, no matter whom it affects, no matter why.
No matter the plums will be small, eaten only by squirrels and jays.
She is a pleasure to listen to, no matter how daft the lyrics.
The second visit had also involved an administrative matter.
But in fact, this is one matter where both parties seem to be in agreement: there ought not be any real accountability.
When a crime is committed, that is a matter for the courts.
To put the matter more broadly, equalizing opportunity will not guarantee equal results.
It is, after all, a matter of balancing incommensurables.
No president, no matter how politically graceful or personally confident, looks good in the midst of an economic crisis.
It is a credible human story, and in the end the technical details do not matter.
The report says that two worries dominated the secret meeting: one was the matter of how archives can be kept secure.
It went on to say that the materials matter more than the people who are harmed through them.
Physicists get creative in their search for dark matter particles.
Long ago, rotation curves of galaxies were the strongest evidence in favor of dark matter.
His alternative not only eliminates dark matter, it strikes at the heart of modern physics.
For lumps of matter in space, though, it's less than obvious.
Either way, matter in the universe should be moving- either hustling out into space or clumping into a kind of cosmic hairball.
Researchers are cloaking materials from light, sound, and even matter itself.
Forget traditional distinctions between matter and empty space-it's all a seamless whole.
It might, for instance, explain the preponderance of matter over antimatter in the cosmos.
If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again.
It is also possible that it extends infinitely far in space but remains more or less the same no matter how far you go.
As excess plant matter sinks to the seafloor, microbes rot it and suck oxygen out of the water in the process.
Scientists hunt for the unseen matter that glues together the cosmos.
It is clearly distinct from the sphere because you cannot deform a torus into a sphere no matter how you twist it.
So it didn't much matter that the story itself seemed far-fetched and tenth-hand.
Interplay between the two rooms-between two people for that matter-was discouraged.
They are innately aware of a higher calling that is no laughing matter.
No matter how good you get you can always get better.
But it was kind of a wealthy-ish private school anyway so it didn't matter.
No matter where he is, he's always wheeling and dealing, managing clients and barking into his ever-present cell phone.
No matter how slowly they moved, no matter what approach they tried, the cameras clicked on faithfully and caught them.
It's actually not but it doesn't matter because it will get reported that way.
Here the administration is dealing with a matter of faith, a matter of conscience.
As for the health of the team, that's another matter.
It never does when kids, no matter how old they are, are part of the equation.
The fact of the matter is they don't, and there is a specific reason for that.
It doesn't matter that the findings fit with conventional wisdom.
If it were only a matter of law, the public would not feel stranded.
Bridge experts, however, have surprisingly unanimous opinions on the matter.
If you agree that deficits matter, you need to make politically-toxic spending cuts.
Negative matter would cheat the gateway open and make sure it doesn't close on you as you walk through the gateway.

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