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Instead, he honed his technique batting on the perilous, unpredictable matted wickets of the non-white leagues.
The bear's backside and the hams of its legs were matted and stained yellow.
Bruises covered her body, her hair was filthy and matted, and her eyes were dead.
The pellets are grey, matted lumps in the water and are easy to pull apart with toothpicks and tweezers.
In the trauma room, they are splotched and matted with blood.
Now it is a gaunt ghost, pitiably stained and matted with oil.
The redwood's trunk tapers sharply, its soft, matted bark shadowy with dust and spiderwebs.
From time to time, she took out his limp body and stroked his matted fur, uttering soothing thoughts to him.
On both hands the road is bordered by the lofty forest-trees, with their bases matted together by canes.
Her hair was stringy and matted, her clothes unbelievably shabby.
It comes triple matted and framed in a wooden frame and includes a laser engraved descriptive plate.
Your photo will be custom framed using high-quality wood and double matted for added durability.
The spacious stalls are matted with thick layers of straw.
The sound swelled in the dark till the entire room was pulsating, till the air itself became alive and matted with bees.
Closer to the roof sunlight flares through the skylight across a blue-matted blue-roped boxing ring.
Her fluffy white hair is all matted and sticking up, her aqua flannel nightgown billowing around her ankles.
And my hair was so matted with those burrs that every time he dragged me they'd get inside my clothes.
Matted materials stored in standard oversized flat storage boxes.
Yields in the advanced matted row system were average to slightly below average, thought fruit size and appearance remained high.
Wraps usually consist of fibrous spun polyolefin plastic, which is matted into sheets and rolled up for shipping.
When ducks and other waterfowl come in contact with oil floating on top of the water, their feathers become matted.
Store all prints and negatives that are matted or placed in paper or plastic enclosures in acid-free boxes.

Famous quotes containing the word matted

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