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To make the surface durable, apply matte varnish according to the manufacturer's instructions with a foam roller.
The right-hand part looks corrugated, with three alternating pairs of shallow matte ridges and grooves.
We watch an episode and build a list of ship shots, view screen shots and matte paintings.
The surface extends floor to ceiling, edge to edge and is slightly matte, so it can double as a projection surface.
The three tiles he showed me were: glossy cream, matte brown and matte tan.
Her glazed skin was an interesting tint, a matte greenish- gray.
There's a flypaper stickiness about them, too, though their usual surface is matte and dry.
It's also matte, so it has no greasy residue feeling.
Try a matte purple or blue for daytime and sparkly golds or reds for night.
Get up close to one of the demons and look at his skin: it gleams with a dull, matte, scaly sheen that's disturbingly lifelike.
While some are branded as dry shampoo and others as hair powder, all provide matte texture and body.
It also features jersey back replica miniatures of each player and facsimile signatures that has been engraved into the matte.
It features facsimile signatures that have been engraved into the matte and jersey back replica miniatures for all three players.
Rear reflective patch makes up for the too-stealthy matte paint job.
The rest consisted of old-school effects work and matte paintings.
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