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The fight between proponents of marriage equality and defenders of traditional matrimony is nothing if not a morality play.
No one can point out any useful purpose which these accomplices in matrimony serve.
Beautiful, vivid photographs portray the diverse ways various cultures celebrate the tradition of matrimony around the globe.
ME, in a hotel room, frolicking about in a fashion thought by many only permissible within the bounds of holy matrimony.
It is one of the myths of matrimony that both bride and groom suffer last-minute misgivings the night before the wedding.
The concept of stress testing clearly supersedes computers, engineering, or the military and has its origins in matrimony.
But finally she did, and the preparations for matrimony began.
It shouldn't discourage matrimony but-well, this reviewer is certainly happy to have all sons.
It seemed to her that only now she fully measured the great undertaking of matrimony.
Hardly a day goes by when matrimony, in one context or another, isn't kicked around in headlines.
They club together in matrimony as merchants do in trade.

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The intent of matrimony, is not for man and wife to be always taken up with each other, but jointly to disc... more
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