matriculation in a sentence

Example sentences for matriculation

Matriculation criteria in this country are notoriously vague and flexible.
They debate and determine teaching methods, grading policies, and matriculation standards.
The high rate of matriculation masks a grave problem.
And that doesn't count alumni giving, summer school tuition, and maintenance of matriculation fees.
Or if they are, their matriculation comes at an extraordinary moment.
There's more physical play, more intensity, and more successful matriculation out of the west.
Meanwhile, as job opportunities abate, law school matriculation rates rise unchecked.
There typically isn't a problem with matriculation, as the student is fully aware of the conditions to admission.
In the physical sciences, doctoral students often have a chance to work on dissertation research immediately after matriculation.
There he sat for his matriculation examination, which was a prerequisite for admission to a college or university.
Matriculation at an accredited college or graduate school.
Colleges and universities historically have had new faculty orientation programs and methods to support new faculty matriculation.
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