matriculate in a sentence

Example sentences for matriculate

Athletes want to know this before they matriculate.
Wake Forest is one of more than 100 colleges and universities across the country where a computer is now required to matriculate.
Working part time, they matriculate in five years.
For example, you cannot matriculate in publicly funded schools without proper vaccinations.
Watts did not matriculate college, and has had some coursework in meteorology and physics back in the early 70s.
See if you can enter the program as a non-matriculated student.
Approximately 4000 students matriculate into the College's academic programs.
Yet students apply, matriculate, and pay tuition into their coffers.
Students continue to matriculate because they don't know the odds.
Some students, disproportionately from privileged backgrounds, matriculate well prepared for college.
Number of students statewide wanting to matriculate for this program.
Students in the program will be allowed to matriculate in a college curriculum upon satisfactory completion of the program.
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