matinee in a sentence

Example sentences for matinee

Matinee tickets for really excellent shows are sold at half price.
His looks were those of a matinee idol, with haunted eyes and slickly waved hair.
Turn off your phone's ringer and you won't interrupt today's matinee.
Reality is reality and a matinee is an escape from that.
The event sold out so quickly that they added a matinee.
He had the looks of a matinee idol and the brains of a subversive mogul.
The matinee and dinner menus feature constantly changing poultry, beef and pasta items with a generous helping of sides.
If you're attending a matinee, however, you should wear something casual but neat.
The hours of the shows are also senior-friendly with morning, matinee and early-evening showtimes.
Oftentimes, the theater features matinee performances on the weekend.

Famous quotes containing the word matinee

This play holds the season's record [for early closing], thus far, with a run of four evening performances and one more
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