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It is an inescapable truth of mathematics that any geometric progression will overtake any arithmetic one given enough time.
In mathematics he goes from algebra and geometry into higher branches of mathematical science.
Mathematics is a language translatable into any other.
The secret to this trick comes from a branch of mathematics called topology.
Mathematics is a tool used to describe a physical model of phenomena.
Potter has begun mixing more pure mathematics in with his psychology-inspired programs.
Understanding this could help level the playing field in mathematics among children.
One reason why people who learn more mathematics earn more is because doing maths makes you smarter and more productive.
In mathematics logistic model coupled is with normal distribution model.
Mathematics is reduced to a mere engineering exercise.
And if you stink at simple math, you will inevitably stink through every subsequent level of mathematics thereafter.
Its significance is in its combination of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computer science.
In earlier centuries, mathematics had been a pursuit of amateurs.
He understood that nature is constructed by laws of mathematics.
One of the joys of writing this column is the opportunity to play with unusual branches of mathematics.
There is a clear progression of more advanced mathematics.
To date, the best candidates for a theory of everything are various versions of a branch of mathematics called string theory.
Well, this is how it always goes in mathematics when the right insight occurs.
It is full of ideas, many of which are only marginally related to mathematics.
The problem is that their mathematics do not seem to make any sense, even to other physicists.
Mathematics can help in this but the study of economics for me is about how economic agents behave and how they affect society.
Mathematics can be used for rigorous prediction only if the formula can be shown to result from a deeper law.
Now comes a brave attempt to inject mathematics into an otherwise fashionable subject.
Mathematics is simply a way to express opinions formally.
With the proper online course, learning may occur, but it's short-term with little real understanding of the mathematics.
Two years later she had received her degree in physics and the following year received her mathematics degree.
Pastry-making, he insisted, was a science closely akin to mathematics.
And he would have finished his advanced degree in mathematics.
He was modest, claiming that he took up philosophy because he was not clever enough for music or mathematics.
Modern societies depend on high levels of literacy and basic skills in mathematics.
He believed language and mathematics cannot express the truths of metaphysics.
The programme begins with optional pre-programme courses in statistics and mathematics.
He spent the next several weeks turning the insight into a formal paper, which was then published in a mathematics journal.
The mathematics of the two processes are surprisingly similar.
The limit to the quants' tinkering has been not mathematics but the speed, power and cost of computers.
Alas, the mathematics stayed but the optimism did not.
When that division happens, a bit of leftover mathematics manifests itself as a particle.
Here came in, more than ever, the fatal handicap of ignorance in mathematics.
And inquiries into nature have the best result, when they begin with physics and end in mathematics.
Performance on the mathematics test has been far weaker.
The mathematics of our ancestry is exceedingly complex, because the number of our ancestors increases exponentially, not linearly.
Cryptology is a specialized branch of mathematics with some computer science thrown in.
In a series of experiments, he dropped cats and photographed them at high-speed, then broke their movements down into mathematics.
It's as much a matter of mathematics as it is about law.
The mathematics of buyouts, for one, are not favorable.
Many people believe that mathematics provides a model of what thinking is, or should be.
Most people never think twice about the fact that scientists use mathematics to describe and explain the world.
Its main emphasis is on physics, yet it also includes forums on a wide array of other topics in science and mathematics.
According to the conventional thinking, real-world examples such as this one are the best way to teach mathematics.
It could be because of her deep affection for esoteric and cunning mathematics.
One is to study and explore the mathematics of the existing theories.
He was trying to come up with mathematics that might have a physical application, right.
The world of toys and games is not immune to mathematics.
The children were tested in reading, mathematics and writing skills.
These scholars get together occasionally and partake in a recreational way of the pleasures of mathematics.
Each of the thinkers' respective countries wanted to stake a claim in what was one of the biggest advances in mathematics.
Come for a family-friendly day with hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
And yet the mathematics that describe these systems demonstrate how easily this kind of behavior can emerge.
The researchers, for example, used it to summarize users' achievements in a mathematics software program.
The mathematics here indicates that spacetime becomes infinitely curved, creating what astrophysicists call a singularity.
But he developed predictions in a logically sound basis of mathematics and his predictions were confirmed.
It is one and all elegant mathematics that has no empirical correspondence.
He did physics and mathematics as a part of his theology and he did it only for a few years.
Moreover, our mathematics is designed to explain only three dimensional universe.
Fundamental symmetries through rigorous mathematics arrived with an elegant model possessing no physical pertinence.
As such, the correct metaphors should come from psychology, not mathematics.
Mathematics seems to be the only useful tool, because of its universal acceptance.
Mathematics is not for a terribly trivial mind as you know quite well.
It requires a little more than simple mind to understand mathematics.
Finally let me tell you that mathematics and applied mathematics are different things.
Mathematics used in physics are either trivial or wrong.
The language that ordinary human beings speak, especially those of us who are not fluent in mathematics, is metaphor.
They deploy upward of a hundred tables, based on mathematics many readers will have to take on faith.
Most of these students have been accepted on their merits, and a considerable proportion of them major in science or mathematics.
Albright holds master's degrees in physics and mathematics and has taught physics.
When it came to higher mathematics, he might have been one in a hundred thousand students or better.
The mathematics she uses may be related to a completely different explanation of the bee dance.
The contentious mathematics of division applies to everything from birthday cake to real estate.
His theory is girded by mathematics no more complicated than high school algebra.
They were enchanted by kin selection because it appeared to have a basis in mathematics.
From these nine axioms, one can derive all of mathematics.
To the extent that mathematics is not physics, perhaps some of this portion should be subtracted before comparison.
On the other hand, astronomy is still exciting too, and pure mathematics as well.
There's a big difference between mathematics and theology.
The combination of mathematics and astronomy helped them devise calendars and study planets.
Volunteers offer instruction in basic subjects, such as reading comprehension, mathematics and reading fluency.
Undergraduate chemistry majors usually study biological sciences, mathematics and physics.
Mathematics is the science of patterns and relationships.

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