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Apparently a good mathematician but seems to be gifted in this direction only.
It was commonly believed, for example, that he was the world's best mathematician.
And he's angry at his parents for emphasizing his studies too much and turning him into a socially isolated mathematician.
Price was a mathematician, familiar with abstract ideas, and an intellectualist in philosophy.
The famed mathematician made many important scientific contributions.
One mathematician now concludes that its predominant design is fundamentally flawed.
Unfortunately, the up-and-coming mathematician was unable to take in and enjoy the compliment.
Therefore switching your choice would increase your chances, the mathematician line of reasoning goes.
There is no mathematician out there with yard sticks calculating the orbs within orbs of celestial dynamics.
The mathematician could help us see something quite beautiful that the art historian may have overlooked.
Law was a brilliant mathematician who used his understanding of probability to help his gambling habit.
And when you are a mathematician, no one knows you're famous.
It doesn't take a brilliant mathematician to observe that this is clearly impossible.
About a century ago, a famous mathematician prided himself on working on things with no discernable use.
Each of them was a better physicist or mathematician or sometimes both.
It is not a job for any biologist, physicist, mathematician: it is a job for a group that reunites all expertises.
But natural selection is a more skilled mathematician because it has had millions of years in which to do the calculation.
But the outsider had an in: his father, a mathematician, brought him into the rarefied world of the university.
It is pretty much impossible for the non-mathematician to understand how such a description might relate to the physical world.

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