maternity in a sentence

Example sentences for maternity

But four months into the pregnancy, the bleeding started, and her dreams of maternity became a nightmare.
All children are now born in the maternity section of the dispensary.
More holidays, maternity and paternity leave, more frequent job rotation and share options also now feature.
The law also offers longer maternity leave and other benefits to couples that delay childbearing.
Perhaps there's meant to be a whiff of grim maternity in her character: because she's a nurse who gives anesthetics.

Famous quotes containing the word maternity

The spring is here, young and beautiful as ever, and absolutely shocking in its display of reckless maternitymore
The woman movement is one which is uniting by co-operating influences, all the antagonisms that are warring on the famil... more
I find it profoundly symbolic that I am appearing before a committee of fifteen men who will report to a legislative bod... more
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