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In mentioning organizations working on maternal health, there are others that also deserve a shout-out.
Yet the vast amount of the scholarship on human parenting focuses on maternal behavior.
The second group keep their maternal accents, whereas the first group find it much easier and more natural to translate.
My parents met at my maternal grandfather's bowling center, where my dad competed.
Some readers have been asking about maternal mortality figures, so let me explain them a bit.
Perhaps that is to ensure maternal care of their own brood.
In parthenogenesis, an unfertilized egg develops into an embryo using its two sets of maternal chromosomes.
Some lizards and many other animals reproduce with only maternal genes, but mammals don't.
And there was no discernible difference between the groups in maternal satisfaction or the amount of fetal distress.
It is likely to have more to do with your adjunct status and all the problems that go with that, than your maternal status.
There is such a thing as maternal depletion syndrome.
Maternal genes were more active in the embryo's brain, but paternal genes became more active in the adult.
Smarter maternal decisions prevent leading causes of mortality.
In humans, oxytocin induces childbirth and lactation, and plays a key role in maternal bonding.
Maternal guilt is not the only impediment to employment.
And there is evidence that other triggers, such as maternal viral infections, may play a role.
The scientists found evidence of a number of diseases that are related to maternal malnutrition and poor prenatal care.
The effects of maternal care are so strong that they seem to outweigh genetic predispositions.
Its maternal mortality rate may be the highest in the world.
To me it's a perfectly natural example of maternal care and affection to a kitten who's dreaming.
It provides proof that two people are related if they share the same maternal line, even if they're generations apart.
But touch is not the only source of maternal comfort.
Invitations are extended to descendants down both the paternal and maternal lines, and a larger.
Also children with severe birth defects, children borne after maternal accidents etc.
Maternal and paternal lineages in cross-breeding bovine species.
The brain is limited in size at birth by the size of the maternal pelvis.
Without antibiotics, maternal mortality would be a lot higher.
She became its guiding star, a much-needed maternal figure to her fellow orphans.
It was hardly a stretch for me to write about maternal anxiety and paranoia, for instance.
There could be a painful backstory here-an instance, perhaps, in which maternal interference ruined a promising romance.
When he was a few weeks old, his parents died in a train wreck, and he was raised by his maternal grandparents.
Moreover, anxiety as a precondition of the maternal experience had not yet been invented.
The family feel is enhanced by the maternal propriety of the dining areas.
So there was both a maternal and a paternal side to the evening.
But such maternal tolerance can backfire, scientists now say.
Children born through this process of artificial selection were raised communally and maternal bonding was discouraged.
All the scurrying and fluttering about now seem to him a sort of nebulous, beloved maternal figure.
Maternal genes should therefore boost our abilities to get inside other people's heads.
Toxoplasma is usually harmless, but early in pregnancy it can cause maternal infection and possible miscarriage.
The whole affair might have been one of a confused maternal instinct, they claimed.
He was predeceased by his father, maternal and paternal grandparents.
Maternal collapse in pregnancy and the puerperium.
But until now, it hasn't been clear why extra maternal weight leads to big babies.

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