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In this family workshop, learn how to recycle paper and other materials to make gifts.
Scientists think these materials work by overloading sharks' senses.
Some materials-diamagnetic materials-are repelled by a magnetic field.
In the last years there have been a series of great new textile materials that made our jobs easier.
Some people believe that the materials put steel cooking are best for cooking.
We provide exhibits and research materials related to local history.
Scientists who want manipulate the properties of certain materials work with nano-scale patterns printed with those materials.
It is an art of negotiating how to get my hands on so much of these materials that are in people's lives.
The terrific noise it emitted was an explosion which made it erupt several fragments of volcanic materials.
The second is declining water quality, caused by toxic materials and fertilizers that run off the land.
After the curator talk, you'll have the chance to create your own work of art-materials provided.
Group exhibition of artists selected through an open-call that considers the seductive relationship artists have with materials.
But materials and engineering skill lagged far behind the dream.
All the holiday glitter out there is fun, but don't overlook the magic in the natural materials around you.
There are numerous decking materials that accommodate a wide variety of lifestyles and budgets.
Minimalist approach keeps focus on natural materials.
Durable furnishings and well-organized tools and materials are key to a small but efficient workspace.
These materials are called naturals by the floral industry.
Being more durable than alternative materials, products made from polypropylene don't need to be replaced as often.
The three materials used in the construction of ships in general are wood, iron, and steel.
Our pledge was not merely to do a patchwork job with secondhand materials.
Manufacturing consists mainly of the processing of raw materials and of light manufacturing for the domestic market.
The candle alone shines by itself and for itself, or for those who have arranged the materials.
In these situations, fire extinguishers use different materials--ones that flood a protected compartment with a fire-fighting gas.
Novel materials might make harvesting sunlight for electricity affordable.
We must think in radical ways with materials before ignored or politically discredited.
To trim weight, researchers have tried several approaches, including the use of thin films of materials laid down as inks.
These novel materials could help unravel one of the biggest mysteries in science-how exactly the high-temperature versions work.
Water is one of those rare materials that expands while it freezes.
Bring an ample amount of bottled water and purification materials.
The design is only requires a handful of simple materials to make, yet is able to provide shelter in harsh weather conditions.
Do not confuse yourself with multiple books and audio materials, some of which duplicate each other.
Many have met success in this endeavor using complex processes and expensive materials.
For example, big windows placed on the sunny side of a building allow sunlight to heat-absorbent materials on the floor and walls.
Let students discuss these questions and speculate about the risks of exposure to radioactive materials.
Distribute the materials to students or groups and encourage them to shape their clay into mountains.
Lightweight materials are particularly appealing for plug-in vehicles, which carry hefty lithium-ion battery packs.
Have students draw their aquarium exhibits on paper or use crafts materials to build models.
Lighter materials, such as the mineral silica, rose to the surface.
The e-mail encourages members to warn their students that posting any of the above materials is prohibited by law.
To ensure full consideration, application materials should be submitted prior to this date.
Candidates are urged to review this information before preparing and submitting materials.
Supplemental materials may be requested at a later date.
The system allows professors to post tests and other course materials online.
But studying materials in those collections is different.
Since your opinions are so strong, this may even come across in various ways in your letters and other materials.
These days, though, the push to freely publish course materials and research papers online is increasingly coming from students.
The materials that were better heat conductors would melt the butter more quickly.
Once you've decided on a design, create a list of the materials that you need.
The consequence is that these toxic materials they produce could become more prevalent in the system.
For all the other materials, the weight gets down to the bottom of the tube.
In fact levels are known to vary widely within even small areas, depending on weather patterns and building materials.
This, in turn, means a huge increase in the demand for energy and raw materials.
Materials, such as gold, that would not react to other substances become reactive.
Metals and other inorganic materials that do not turn into gas fall to the bottom of the chamber as molten slag.
By that measure, raw materials have become more abundant, not scarcer.
It takes a lot of engineering effort and extra materials to deaden intrusive sounds at source.
It would be foolish to underestimate the ability of materials scientists to come up with clever way to do without scarce metals.
But if the price were to come down because efficient cells could be made from cheap materials, that could change quickly.
He knows everything, urinates in the forest, and can build a wind-powered generator out of found materials.
Jennifer did not have quite enough cash to pay for her materials, but she promised to return the next day with what she owed.
First, he has used some of the same falsehoods in his own promotional materials.
The materials, the labor, it was all chicken feed over there.
The rest is a micro-lattice that can be made out of many materials, but the one in the above picture is composed mostly of nickel.
Food companies often don't know whether or not they are using these materials.
The number of people who work with physical materials of any kind has dwindled.
The company is also an advocate of researching and implementing viable alternatives to rare materials.
Some have published guides to getting started or other useful materials.
They have to be chemically cleaved from their chemical combination with other genetic materials.
Some of these projects aim to integrate novel materials into current lithium ion batteries.
Nationwide, houses on the exurban fringes are now generally priced below the cost of the materials that went into building them.
Researchers are cloaking materials from light, sound, and even matter itself.
New designs and materials revolutionize the world's oldest extreme sport.
Using strange new materials not found in nature, physicists can make an object disappear.
For partial ads, materials are due by the space close date.
Bone implants are typically made of metal or ceramic materials made of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide.
Having said that, there are reports of some radioactive materials from the reactor having escaped.
Belcher is working to improve the batteries' storage capacity further by experimenting with different virus-coat materials.
Building materials and methods may be inappropriate, especially if money comes from far away and there's little oversight.
He was awed by their scale and magnitude, by their design, and by the efficiency of the use of materials.
His displays cost him nothing, the materials are wood from grocery boxes, and cardboard from laundered shirts.
His primary medium is sculpture, but he has used such a wide range of materials and media that his work has no signature style.
The promise of thermoelectric materials has, it seems, run hot and cold over the decades.
Capillary action pulls the materials in until they have filled all the channels to create the mesh.
For years, materials scientists have been trying to catch up with geckos.
The silk dissolves, leaving behind a small amount of silicon and other materials used in the circuits.
They have doped indium arsenide quantum dots to create n-type and p-type materials.
The generators take advantage of materials that exhibit a property called piezoelectricity.
More than half the weight and size of today's batteries comes from supporting materials that contribute nothing to storing energy.
These materials have been used at various industry meetings around the country and are provided for your convenience.
Glazing materials that selectively control the spectral aspect of radiation are now commonplace.
Fashion and furniture mainstays are manufacturing products using sustainable materials.
Public libraries make books and other materials accessible free of charge to readers.
There's little evidence that traditional methods or materials are being used, despite claims to the contrary.
Everyone looked the same and dressed in the same materials: worsted, flannel, or corduroy.
Most time-sensitive reference materials need never again be printed and bound.
We have not freed ourselves from a primitive economic structure and humiliating dependence on raw materials.
Green technology will use land and sunlight as its primary sources of raw materials and energy.
His was a natural genius, combining an empirical intelligence with a sixth sense for materials and physiognomies.
No sound republic can be built of such materials as these.
These contained equipment and materials for serious amateur chemists.
He had supplied enough materials to pursue the investigation further.
But these crude materials undergo some development and modulation.
His book is the first, he writes, to be based on primary source materials.
Although it is true that synthetic materials are hot, they have the advantage that they don't wrinkle easily.

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