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Mate insurance provides a safeguard against reasonable risks of losing a partner.
My untenured office mate several years ago had a situation in which she was overtly pressured by a coach.
For mammals that form leks, however, scientists thought that factors other than mate choice attracted females to the party.
But unlike the other slugs, they mate while suspended from a long thread of slime.
Temporal: if they mate at different times, are active at different times, this can affect if they ever interbreed.
But they mate in fall and make desert cameos at night or in cool weather.
Usually, males will mate with many different females throughout their lifetimes.
Many species don't mate until they're in their teens, and then may bear small litters only once every two years.
The social dynamics of play require that players agree to play and not to eat one another or fight or try to mate.
Males want to spread their genes far and wide and mate with as many females as possible.
Males must thus compete for the chance to mate with them.
In an aquatic environment, the worm can find a mate and reproduce.
The image of the one true friend, a soul mate rare to find but dearly beloved, has completely disappeared from our culture.
Humans are particularly good at exploiting trickery to get ahead-for more money, more power or a desired mate.
Special form of natural selection based on an organism's ability to mate.
Mice observing a cage mate suffering stomachache withdrew more quickly from the heat source.
So mate selection is pretty much settled, but their role in adult society is still being sorted out.
But where the colossal fish mate or give birth remains a mystery.
Females chose who they would mate with, when they would mate with them and how long it would last.
Tuskless males will also be less likely to mate because tusk-bearing males will fight them and win.
He gives a performance directed at his mate and potentially rival males.
Recombinants appear when a mate is unfaithful and links up genes that were never meant for each other.
The cheetahs had been isolated on a hilltop away from visitors in hopes they would mate.
They are monogamous and may remain with their mate for several years or possibly for life.
The attractive mate with the attractive and the unattractive mate with the unattractive.
Females may mate with several different males in any given reproductive cycle.
When released into the wild, they mate with females who then fail to reproduce.
Another cuts them into planks, which his mate tosses onto a rising stack.
He has sensed, too, the presence of females with which he might mate.
Put all of these things together and you have a desirable mate.
Meanwhile, mothers mate and give birth again, every year.
Then he quit the wheel house, leaving the third mate and an able seaman to handle the ship.
Although rooks are social birds, they are monogamous and mate for life, making for a relatively stable adult rook society.
If her nest is destroyed early in the season, she will return to mate again.
There are many flatworms that mate through internal fertilization that do not have a gender, they are hermaphrodites.
It dances with springing leaps and fl aps of its mighty wings to win a mate.
Older females were also found to mate with immigrants, favoring those that had courted them for several years.
Consider two lizards confronting each other over a mutually desired resource such as a nest site, a mate, or a morsel of food.
When two organisms mate, then there are basically two possible outcomes.
The article itself is about the attractiveness of advertising company producers as a mate.
Having a mate could help a bird to find food or repel predators.
Psychological research suggests chin shape may be a physical signal of the quality of a mate.
But they point out that the web still offers important advantages over more traditional routes of finding a mate.
We don't buy it because of quality, it's because of price mate.
Chimpanzees, among whom females mate widely, have large ones.
Even when the flies are no longer isolated, they mate as if they were.
The mate had seen the reception he had met with aft, and would have no cast-off company.
For the sad state of her dear mate: when she his doom doth hear.
Any discussion of the mate or of the marriage is, as before, forbidden.
Not because it's necessarily needed, but because when economists compete for the opportunity to mate, math supplies the antlers.
Then you can go out and eat and try to procure a mate.
The page displays details such as her age, income, occupation and desired character traits in a prospective mate.
The females have a sort of sisterhood, where they collaborate so that they all get a chance to mate with the dominant one.
Choosing the right house or the right mate are major decisions well worth serious deliberation.
Only when two carriers happen to mate will the disease appear.
Their sons and daughters rarely mate with humankind except their own blood relations.
Alpha males maintain these herds, and mate with the group's dominant hen.
Sloths mate and give birth while hanging in the trees.
They also travel, mate, and sometimes give birth on the ice.
Adult females mate on or off a host then feed for several days, swelling to twice their normal size.
And lots of animals, from coyotes to common pigeons, mate for life.
If mirror neurons underlie pain empathy, then the sight of one mouse acting in pain will elicit mirror discharge in its cage mate.
It's a stuff thicker than thin, sweeter than tart, soul mate to fruit.
Males, known as drones, perform no useful function except to mate.
Bad zombies, however, are allowed by law to mate only with sheep ticks.
As you noted, he worked briefly on trains-as an engine driver's mate.
There is something wincingly salacious about this bearded hippie and his schoolgirl mate.
The part of her that yearned for a mate and children was shattered.
Some only mate with males with bright red spots, and some will mate with any males.
They had females mate with males from their own time, as well as from the other years.
When leeches mate, they secrete a cocoon to house the fertilized eggs.
The ability to form an average-mate template would have conveyed a singular survival advantage.
Instead he screams loudly for his mate to defend his share of her real estate.
Ripe eggs don't keep, which means a fish with a ready clutch of eggs must mate before dark or the eggs will be wasted.
Primatologists devise ways for critically threatened monkeys to meet and mate.
But the benefits aren't as clear, especially since she risks losing her mate.
And while other crabs mate and produce new generations, parasitized crabs simply go on eating and eating.
It also helps break the ice for those that are looking for a potential mate at this meeting of kindred spirits.
Imagine a world without it, a world of rational shoppers looking for the best available mate.
The only way to get more mules is to mate horses and donkeys again.

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