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When one antiparticle is attracted over the event horizon and its matching particle escapes, radiation seems to be emitted.
When expectations are lower, matching them is easier and exceeding them is possible.
Address each qualification called for explicitly, in the order listed, matching your language to that of the job description.
Both students and colleges have become fairly adept in sorting through the maze and matching up with one another.
Play this photo matching game to discover more amazing animal survival acts.
Printer manufacturers spend a lot of money on research and development matching their printer, ink sets, and paper.
Matching the instrument to the song in your head breathes life into the exhibits.
Treat this recipe as a basic template from which to have a blast mixing and matching different meats with different cheeses.
Matching the right student with the right school is important.
Robots, however, had no good way of matching up the two images.
The tail feathers only fluttered in the right way at intermediate speeds, matching those that the birds dive at.
But matching this information to advertising is a still relatively crude process.
Search engines are pretty good at matching keywords with relevant websites.
Matching proteins is a painstaking process, equivalent to piecing together a complex jigsaw puzzle.
By matching this measured velocity to the calculated values, astronomers can work out where in the galaxy any cloud should be.
He is also interested in stereo matching and computational photography.
Peer-matching in the city could be a first step toward breaking down the dependence of citizens on bureaucratic civic services.
On waking, the subjects were asked to perform the same image-matching task.
But the flipping isn't quite matching up with the predictions of the standard model of particle physics.
The ring and the upper disk contained a series of matching holes.
Song-type matching between neighbouring song sparrows.
Without sufficient matching on the supply side, food prices keep on soaring under the influence of imbalance.
Adiabatic storage has energy density matching or exceeding lithium ion batteries.
Many of their customers are regulars who come back for matching sweaters and hats.
The uptown style is designer fashions with matching accessories, suits and more mature dress styles.
The alcohol warmed, evaporated and flowed into a matching bottle on the other side.
It's a fast paced game of pattern matching and thinking of words that fit categories.
The new beat-matching game proves as well-crafted and addictive as anything on the platform.
They're scanning and matching your library so they don't need to upload that large part of the memory.
Photo angles and lighting complicate the task of matching faces to photos.
Little appears firm about potential matching funds from federal and local governments and from potential investors.
Valets with matching shirts and pants work the gate.
Companies can only compete with each other by matching the other's features for so long.
He filled it with custom-built furniture, including a mahogany conference table and matching chairs of deep-green leather.
Soon, matching subjects were seeing banner ads on their computer screens urging them to give the senator their signatures.
But mostly they want to move up the value chain, mixing and matching skills and advantages from all over the world.
Lenders who help people to refinance their mortgages will receive matching subsidies from the government.
Parents and pupils can-and through matching funds are encouraged to-add to the account.
But this is done by matching the user's keywords to a text description of the image, audio or video content.
Matching the new standards is a vigorous enforcement campaign.
The practice of wearing a jacket and trousers of matching material made by the same firm was still some years away.
Matching production to the demands of discerning consumers everywhere.
There are no stock options, no lucrative matching fund contributions.
But militarily, there is no telling who is matching whom.
But steer clear of matching sets which are a little predictable.
Definition of matching, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
As with any pulsed-power source, energy transfer can be improved by matching the impedance of the driver to the load.
Subsequently, research scientists are funded through matching grants and cost-share contracts.

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