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What is particularly masterly is the way she has blended in what is obviously true with what is dubious or misleading.
But he has done a masterly job of identifying and isolating the discrepant traditions within the faith.
He was somewhat restrained in the use of dance but masterly in his handling of the chorus in the crowd scenes.
Yet for the big picture as well as plenty of little ones, the result is still masterly.
Masterly as this narrative is, it is chilly and almost cruel.
It did me good even to watch the violinists drawing their bows so masterly-every motion a study.
Although the formula was simple, the technique attained was in its way masterly.
Yet it is masterly in its way, competent to its purposes and free from obscurity or over-ornamentation.
They generally excel in unity, and in some the gradual unfolding of the leading idea is masterly.
Beginners can achieve masterly results with simple projects on the first try.
Our brains do a masterly job of sorting out signal from noise amid the daily din.
Description reflecting achievement of masterly level of performance.
Napoleon owed much of his success to masterly use of artillery.
The collection breaks new ground in its integration of indepth research with masterly theoretical argument.

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