master key in a sentence

Example sentences for master key

In an individually-keyed padlock system, there is no master key, and all of the locks must be opened with their own key.
The contractor shall provide padlocks for each disconnect switch and receptacle box with a master key for all locks.
He photocopies it and emails the scan, distributing a master key that can access a whole floor.
Using his master key, the officer released the lock.
The specific question is in regard to using a master key on a lock when an authorized employee is not on site.
The master key may be different in each of the seven state emergency response regions.
Rekeying a master key system is a time-consuming, complicated job.
Please verify that the contractor is to provide a master key system for new hardware.
Creates key code systems and writes high security master key schedules for keys to be cut by facility lock personnel.
With one master key, they can gain access to commercial and residential property.
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