master bedroom in a sentence

Example sentences for master bedroom

The buggers came into our home from our neighbors room to the master bedroom.
In the master bedroom built-in cabinets surround the bed.
The four bedroom wing with two baths is anchored by a master bedroom retreat.
The master bedroom has a king-sized bed, rocking chair and a ceiling fan.
Three of the bedrooms are on the first floor and the living areas and master bedroom are on the second floor.
Living quarters include a kitchenette, deep soaking marble tubs in the master bedroom and a private balcony.
There is a hot tub that can accommodate four guests and a sauna located between the master bedroom and the living room area.
Three of the bedrooms open up to a covered gallery next to the pool, while the master bedroom opens onto the deck.
Each town home features a gas fireplace in both the living room and the master bedroom.
The larger cabin has two fireplaces, with one in the master bedroom.
The master bedroom suite includes a sitting area and an electric fireplace.
The master bedroom has a king-size bed, coffee maker, refrigerator and television.
There is a whirlpool tub in the master bedroom and a full kitchen.
The master bedroom has a king bed, the second room has a queen bed, and there is a sleeper sofa in the living room.
The family suites feature two bathrooms, a master bedroom and a kitchenette with counter space.
Some suites have a whirlpool tub in the master bedroom and washers and dryers.
They wanted a remote master bedroom and a special domain for children.
We will continue at the medicine cabinet in the bathroom off the master bedroom.
It's thirty-eight steps from the bed of the master bedroom to the bathroom sink, and you have to make seven turns along the way.
The master bedroom is secluded in the rear of the house.
Gold is a striking color and looks rich and elegant on a dining room and master bedroom ceiling.
There is an art gallery, a library and a sauna in the master bedroom.
The master bedroom is at the left and now contains north-facing windows.
Most of the time, these switches are in the master bedroom or master bedroom closet.
The subjects then forced both victims into the master bedroom.
The homeowner told fire investigators he awoke this morning and turned the fireplace on for heat in the master bedroom.
The second floor contains a master bedroom with bathroom, two smaller bedrooms, and a second bathroom.
Upon arrival, responding officers were directed to the master bedroom.
The lodge has a master bedroom with one queen-sized bed, and a full bathroom on the first floor.
On the second floor are the master bedroom and a second bedroom.
The large central entry hall is flanked by a parlor and master bedroom, with a dining room at its end.
The master bedroom has a walk-in closet, sitting room, and covered balcony.
As she opened the back door, one of the four suspects grabbed her by both arms and forced her into the master bedroom.
On this level, the living room and the master bedroom faced to the south.
The reduced setback is for a new master bedroom addition.
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