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Anyone who has tried to master the three-ball-toss knows how difficult juggling is and how much practice it takes to learn it.
It's something that he has to learn, and only through his experience and all the encounters he has does he slowly master it.
In charge of the master plan in both cases, he is designing new edifices for each site.
Instead, the length of some courses will be based on how quickly students can master the subject, he said.
She charts the skills one learns to master over time as the cafeteria poses new and more elaborate challenges.
How to provide privacy while maximizing space and flow was the problem tackled in the design of this master bath.
He photocopies it and emails the scan, distributing a master key that can access a whole floor.
The rhino had another feature that would have made it a master of winter weather.
Bearden became a master of collage, an art form as complex, fragmented and many-layered as his life.
By adding a pair of peaked dormers, the couple gained room for a new master bath and a tall sitting area with lake views.
We need to master robotics and increase our research in reverse engineering the human mind.
Poe was a master at his craft, he had his faults and made his own mistakes.
The kitchen grew toward the street, and a new master suite borrowed some of the garden area at back.
The stealthy insect, with large compound eyes for nocturnal hunting, is a master sit-and-wait predator.
But when it came to guarding his privacy, he was a master of deflection.
Each color rod represents a different length, and they are used to help elementary students master simple addition and fractions.
As they read, students can use the activity master on p.
Barkley was much liked throughout the party and a master orator in the grand tradition.
The master instructs in jabbing the palms under an opponent's armpits.
Apprentice painters would apply background color and decorations, while faces and hands were reserved for master painters.
But such cryopreservation of human eggs has proved an extremely difficult technique to master.
New research may help adult learners master foreign tongues.
The new master bedroom and bath on the top floor overlook the rear garden.
Better than this moral hazard was to make each country master of its own fate.
Weavers fall into three categories: individual weavers, master weavers, and members of cooperatives.
Their different symmetries might be sub-symmetries of a larger master symmetry.
The master designed his compositions to account for relative positions of painting and viewer.
If however, people want to truly master the art of survival, then scientists are in fact needed.
The city, in all its brooding grandeur, takes center stage in stories featuring the master of deduction.
Seahorses are master mimics that use their cryptic colors and upright posture to blend in with plants.
Three levels of windows give every room a gorgeous view-even the master closet.
Here, stabilizers from the plane's tail section forms a roof over the master suite.
The problem is probably that you are importing the slide master rather than a single slide, so the master is being applied.
My entire master's was ed courses in my content area.
But when it came to finding a new job with her master's degree in library and information studies, her strategy backfired.
Public universities offer three postgraduate degrees: the higher diploma, master's, and doctorate.
Reading your own work objectively is a trick that some master more easily than others.
If they stick with it, they will have the parchment to prove it: master's degrees in philanthropy.
Master the art of bushwhacking here and you're ready for anything.
Yet whereas males can master the avian arias without any tutoring, females cannot.
The buggers came into our home from our neighbors room to the master bedroom.
We are the master of our destinies, limited only by our sense of direction and the amount of gas in the tank.
Master and her coauthors interpret these data as an example of cognitive priming.
Try taking a course or two in evolutionary biology, and you'll become a master of indirectly worked out science.
Quaffing ale from pewter tankards, in the master's antique chair.
Human embryonic stem cells are master cells that can grow into almost any tissue in the body.
It is sort of a master computer that connects other computers.
In fact, by this view, we're watching a master vision unfold.
Once they master a concept, they are allowed to progress and move on to the next level.
The emerging health-reform package has a master plan for this problem.
He might do that master for a bunch of takes, then he'll get the over-the-shoulder, then the close-up.
The yacht has a formal dining room, a master suite, and four guest cabins.
In the master suite, all that remained was a hulking, four-foot steel safe.
The master would stand over the apprentice and watch.
Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.
Future teachers have a strong academic education for three years, then enter a two-year master's degree program.
At twenty-eight, he was ready to become a master in his own right, but by guild law he needed to marry in order to do so.
Tom alone is a supremely confident artist, a master of improv.
Now there is a master scenario available to everyone.
He is a janitor at home and a master of ceremonies abroad.
The master thread executes sequentially until the first parallel region construct is encountered.
But it is their lot, as it is for so many of us, to re-enact their master's narrative bidding.
Purpose and heritage result in intense bonding with master.
It can take an entire career to master the free kick.

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