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His circular sail is attached to a mast that rises above a bridge between two pontoons.
The insurmountable problem in each case proved to be the mast.
The fore-mast is the second tallest mast of the ship.
When the large ship is raised, sea gulls can be seen to fly through the mast.
The only structural part of the ship not made of plastic is her mast.
Her mast is of a single fir tree, rather than of extruded aerospace alloy.
Buy a mast or pickup buoy at a ship's chandlery store.
But in the end, the waves close over the top of the mast.
Their eyelids are at half- mast, their hands shoved in jacket pockets.
That's part of what the bus trip was about: a siren's song to those strapped to the mast to come out and play.
Having no security from the phone to a base station on a mast makes it easier to filter and monitor traffic.
These antibodies bind to mast cells, which live in every tissue in the body, but are especially prevalent in the lungs.
There's plenty of research to suggest that under-challenged mast cells will over-react to allergens.
Though he was but a private citizen, flags flew at half-mast all over the city.
It becomes clear-cut only once a player has finally nailed his colors to the mast of a particular country.

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