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It has the same simple geometry, regular rhythms of windows, and strong masonry walls as its neighbors.
Thick masonry walls also helped by having a thermal time constant of roughly half a day.
The construction technique using mortar is called masonry.
Ancient masonry hides behind thickets of scaffolding, planks and steel poles.
The masonry buildings were not reinforced nor confined.
Fasten the frame with masonry anchors and screws if the installation does not include foundation plates.
Something liberated which had been sealed up in the masonry of years ago.
Loose fasteners joining railings to masonry cannot generally be retightened.
These approaches are perforated by thick masonry vaults running perpendicular to the roadway above.
The planter is securely mounted to a stucco wall with masonry screws.
To amplify its music, back the water feature with a masonry wall.
But instead of having a walled-in garden, he has fireproof masonry walls throughout the garden.
When the water expands during the seasonal freezing and thawing cycles, it will split the masonry and cause it to flake off.
But now, for the first time in two decades, the original masonry is exposed.
Begin by visually inspecting the exterior of the chimney for cracks and damaged masonry.
Start by visually inspecting the outside of the chimney for cracks and damaged masonry.
The co-op board negotiated with the new building's contractor to do the final brick masonry.
Instead of going to college, he learned masonry and construction.
Brick buildings with foundations of unreinforced masonry, especially those standing on land fill, proved especially vulnerable.
Custom carpentry and masonry, cozy fireplaces and screened porches create inviting country ambience.
Many varieties of stone are available at landscape and masonry stores.
The work varies in complexity, from laying a simple masonry walkway to installing an ornate exterior on a highrise building.

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