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Example sentences for masculine

Still, it's odd to be on a campus so uniformly masculine.
It is a complementary match of masculine and feminine characters.
OK, so the founders' use of the masculine pronoun was rather archaic.
They come in various forms and prices, but in only one scent: masculine.
Mission statement: to push the boundaries of masculine glamour.
The masculine brain differs from the feminine brain in several ways.
Yet backstage the goings-on were still distinctly masculine.
The masculine melee would start about midnight and continue for hours.
So too, they found objects more similar to inherently masculine words if the object names were masculine.
My father, masculine in bearing and gesture, was not a talker.
Drop-tube frame isn't explicitly masculine or feminine.
What's important about him is that he is so masculine.
And though the chorus of masculine complaint has risen and fallen, it has rarely been as loud as it is today.
No testosterone here, no masculine fit, but you better believe this lady can hold here own with the boys.
Then, it might matter less whether a guy could read a book and still be masculine.
It has more of a masculine fit-bulky in the shoulders and too fitted in the waist.
Many regulations were written in masculine form though addressing everybody.
Kitchen manufacturers are responding with a cool, harder-edged look, designed to appeal to masculine taste.
Her forearms are rippled with veins, and though her eyes are warm, she speaks with a masculine punch.
Traditional masculine and feminine variations add spice to the stew.
As in the movie, a masculine clown and a feminine clown often became a couple.
It's a smooth, perfectly built, rich masculine that deserves a try.
The masculine can't do anything until the feminine comes along and activates him.
The house is furnished in masculine dark woods, with signed photos of adoring females on the walls of the den.
Now it's finally masculine enough to feel good about itself.
It can be gruff, blustering or seductively romantic, but it is always richly masculine.
The masculine barrel turns she performed also seemed new.
But its exaggerated sweetness is every bit as chilling as more familiar masculine reveries about violence and irrational revenge.
Masculine occupations, in general, received higher prestige ratings.
Masculine characteristics were more strongly related to effective study habits than were feminine characteristics.

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