mascot in a sentence

Example sentences for mascot

Ours were pretty tacky, with an image of what was essentially the school mascot.
They do this while wearing the school colors, it's mascot and it's logo.
But that was to learn about clowning or becoming a mascot.
The managers approached us to design a mascot who could encourage fans to bring their families to the games.
The lonely polar bear-the unofficial mascot of global warming.
Page, the library mascot, did have the run of the place.
Create a new mascot and friends who could embody those values.
The dish is a bit of a mascot: at brunch, you can have it with eggs on top.
After five years of slug vs sea lion rivalry, the slug won out and it has been the official mascot ever since.
Even though many of them worked to control pests or provide food, their main function was to serve as ship's mascot.
These aggressive traits are also why badgers are frequently chosen as a team mascot.
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