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Marvelous city with lots of diversity and culture and great restaurants.
Both are strong yet almost weightless, a marvelous combination.
If you do that, it can be a marvelous experience all around.
What a marvelous summary of consumption and production trends across the past two centuries.
Getting above a group is a marvelous way to see everyone's face.
They provided hearing aids which were truly marvelous.
The transcontinental delivery system was marvelous in its simplicity.
The actual tomatoes somehow still look absolutely marvelous.
Now-ubiquitous face-detection and red-eye-reduction functions make your subjects look marvelous.
With a couple extra effects this picture turned out marvelous.
Baking soda does a marvelous job of oven cleaning and refrigerator cleaning with a bit of elbow grease.
The image always has a marvelous illusion of depth and objects are only jumping out at you when it's appropriate.
All in all, the design is a marvelous idea that doesn't quite pan out.
If it is technically possible to provide a transcript, that would be marvelous.
Pause often to look up at the marvelous buildings, but pay close attention to where you step.
And there was a marvelous juxtaposition in the film.
Walk into that party with confidence and have a marvelous time.
The opposition has done a marvelous job at rhetoric.
Each one was unique, with some opening to reveal marvelous miniatures and others functioning as clocks.
It is a marvelous colonial building that has been meticulously restored.
Green is a raven-haired beauty with a marvelous knack for gardening.
It's a marvelous place to breathe fresh country air while taking an unhurried walk.
It was marvelous and majestic and more than a bit absurd.
Hunters of the night and silent in flight, owls are truly marvelous creatures.
We look forward to adding him to our already marvelous faculty.
Whether the whole trip is an eco-stunt or something more important, the ship itself is marvelous to behold.
He is a marvelous interpreter of guacamole, of ceviche, of finishing-school tacos and wood-oven quesadillas.
We all had a marvelous time, and the recipes were absolutely delicious.
The pen becomes useless before the marvelous tints of those eyes.
It's a kind of marvelous jumble of mediums, periods and quality you wouldn't find anywhere else.
For those of us who still learned to write and draw on paper, the pen is a marvelous and precise input device.
But there is an unsung player in our marvelous innovation machine: the aggressive users of information technology.
He did a marvelous job fashioning the technology to best serve real people.
He gave me as a gift a marvelous book of photographs portraying his life as an artist and politician.
The life of our city is rich in poetic and marvelous subjects.
Bats have been around for millions of years, and one must admit they are marvelous.
What a marvelous sight it is to see reindeer pulling sleds in this vast white space.
Rendered fat lends marvelous flavors to all kinds of dishes.
Gorillas are capable of some marvelous feats of cognitive understanding.
It can be a lot easier than you think, and once made there are marvelous things you can do with it.
After all, the government could realize marvelous economies of scale and huge cost savings from its enormous purchasing power.
But what is marvelous about this career is not only its heroism, but its gayety.
And then it came-that marvelous cascading laugh, halfway between a tease and a call to joy.
His transformation to a charming yet crack-abusing character is marvelous.
These elements are actually metals, and quite marvelous ones at that.
Science, he points out, routinely produces findings that seem too marvelous to be believed-- and that yet turn out to be true.
In all these models, dark matter does two marvelous things to help make galaxies grow from less-dense clumps of matter.
If you're a hunter-gatherer eating frequent small meals, it's a marvelous one-way arrangement.
The two videos are marvelous, but nothing can compare to seeing one with your own eyes.
She ended up spending five years mapping the sheath's marvelous complexity.
Agree or disagree with the premise, it is a marvelous and inspiring fable and sentiment.
Theists also participate and make marvelous contributions.
In the vast, still-streaming house of windows, children in mourning looked at marvelous pictures.
Marvelous and complex is its conception, gestation, and development.
The marvelous fit of organisms to their environments, however, seemed evidence of a deliberate design.
It is a marvelous book which in its many editions and forty translations has sold over four million copies.
They were marvelous hunters, and they were the originators of the use of camouflage in military operations.
The photos reproduced here are the result of a painful winnowing of scores of marvelous images.
It was a time of songwriters producing marvelous work for singers to deliver.
We are delighted you are interested in this marvelous place.
We invite you to visit us here and learn about this marvelous city.
Then you went through his door and suddenly there was a marvelous white studio with a colour plane here and there.
He looked marvelous, and up on the rocks, he didn't appear much bigger.

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