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Located beside the lake for which the city is named, the campus is spectacular and visitors marvel at its beauty.
Technically, the world's first fully fledged open-source virtual currency is a marvel.
Even for creatures as ingenious as ants, it's a device to marvel at.
The setting is spectacular and the house is a marvel.
As you marvel at my math skills, let me point out that all of these words add up.
When all goes well, you marvel at the speed and reliability of the technology.
Marvel at the revolutionary imaging system used to guide a surgeon's scalpel in a delicate brain-tumor operation.
The medical marvel survived rabies without vaccination.
Now it is economists' turn to marvel at the scale and pace of events.
So it is with the refrigerator, a modern marvel that has become roughly as thrilling as a toaster oven.
Whatever the reason, one has to marvel at the complex ways the world and our bodies work.
There you can admire stone rings used to calculate astronomical cycles and you can also marvel at the remains of a mural.
But he has delivered an illuminating study of an evolutionary marvel.
In fall, marvel at the kaleidoscopic transformation of leaf colors.
But he might as easily have been referring to the ungainly marvel that made it possible.
Indeed, the marvel is that any mergers create value at all.
Marvel at the opulence and architectural splendor of these amazing structures.
Cost of operations and astronomical seat per mile revenue put an end to this engineering marvel.
The marvel of pterosaur flight has evolutionary echoes that resonate even today.
One can but marvel at her foresight and the scope of her success.
It was a marvel to see so much creativity and enthusiasm for the project.
If you can stay on pitch, people will marvel at you and compliment you to the stars.
There's not much time to marvel at it all because of the urgency of our work.
One has to marvel at the ingenuity of those responsible for such computer viruses.
One of the many reasons for this is the marvel of the jury.
There's much more for us to marvel about sharks than their power and ferocity.
The whole boat crew pauses to stare at the screen and marvel at a piece of kelp studded with fuzzy pink anemones.
Marvel at the mysterious headstand these creatures perform.
Over the summer, he kept returning to the cave to marvel at the dance of the shadows on the walls.
But each age calls magic whatever stunt it needs to marvel at, and each age gets the magic it deserves.
The obvious reaction, to such a spectacle of dominance, was not to marvel but to laugh.
For mankind to get even to the threshold of a global agreement is a marvel.
Universal human rights are a marvel, but a nation has a right to preserve itself.
Ponder the riddle of the reefs, meet the mudskippers, marvel at on-the-go ghost crabs.
The largest animal ever to have lived, the blue whale is a marvel of bone and blubber, blowhole and baleen-in immense proportions.
Perfect for day hikes and lightweight in-a-day backcountry rambling, this load carrying marvel is utility in motion.
We all know that the ear is a multifunctional, anatomical marvel.
Even if you've never made pastry, your friends will marvel at your dab hand and beg you to make clotted cream.
My first-draft survival ratio is closer to one percent, so for me the age of painless revisions is a marvel.
Future generations will marvel at this example of human ingenuity.
Adults will marvel at a witty script and utterly brilliant anthropomorphism.
But his mind is quick, and friends marvel at his sharp sense of humor.
Marvel and others will surely be all over selling content this way.
The future power station is at once a marvel of engineering and remarkably simple in its design.
And it is a marvel of psychological interrogation tempered by structural discipline.

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