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It would be a grievous understatement to call her a mere martyr.
He was a martyr for his country and his world.
One of the suspects wanted to die a martyr, a police officer said in court.
I've failed in my mission to recruit another martyr.
You must sometimes martyr yourself, taking the arrows meant for your flock.
The guy was made a martyr.
If it makes you happy to sacrifice yourself, then be a martyr.
He was declared the "first martyr" of the protest.
There is no reason to be a martyr.
The mayor can no longer reap easy popularity by presenting himself as a martyr.
If you get beat up by some crazy homophobe, they'll go to prison and you'll be a martyr.
He becomes a martyr for standing up to the law and marrying people.
It seems inconceivable that the martyr of freedom should have designedly acted as the apostle of tyranny.
He's got a pretty good following and plays the martyr card quite a lot.
But his friends have almost turned him into a martyr.
If he is fired and doesn't have a venue, he becomes a martyr.
He said that anyone killed carrying out his order would be considered a martyr.
From petty criminal to drug user to prisoner to minister to separatist to humanist to martyr.
But she will go down as a martyr, in the beleaguered causes of free speech and public spirit.
If he calls out his supporters-for something of the martyr lurks in him-he may be blamed for the ensuing chaos.
They only made him a bigger threat to them by making a martyr out of him.
Here the squealers are attempting to unleash their word hordes and play the martyr.

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