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Looting broke out and martial law was declared.
It reminds me of the belt system in martial arts.
You write that the Bangladeshi army might just declare martial law.
As a teenager, Cai studied martial arts and appeared in a few kung fu films.
Here glancing on a stern and martial form.
Mixed martial arts combines wrestling, boxing and kick boxing with
The martial mood intensifies.
It has declared martial law; now it is seeking to rescind it.
Where glow'd each bosom with the martial flame.
He did away with his wife and he was tried by a court martial for premeditated murder — a capital offense.
Martial arts is a whole heck of a lot more than walloping somebody.
He inherited, however, but little of the martial character of his ancestors.
The distinctive feature of the poem is the beauty and vigour with which martial scenes are depicted.
Nor was the ready appeal to the stage limited to martial themes.
They furnished a school of martial qualities at small cost to liberty.
Showtime will add another mixed martial arts brand next month.
Don't accuse the mixed martial arts world of taking the summer off.
Hunt once was a rising talent in mixed martial arts.
The army's non-martial tasks do not stop at lamp-making.
Officials say he will be charged in a court martial with conspiring to topple the government.
Some were driven by martial spirit, missionary zeal or imperial fervour.
Those involved should be subject to court martial and awarded the maximum punishment.
The sword ban is less swingeing, since exceptions will be made for martial-arts clubs and collectors.
The chords of martial music stir different sentiments.
He healed himself through bodily movements that sprang from his knowledge of judo and other martial arts.
The aim is for them to become fitter-activities range from yoga to martial arts-as well as slimmer.
The lifting of martial rule would, he hoped, be a sign that peace and normality would prevail.
We already live in a police surveillance state with plans for total martial law already in place.
Water is much denser than air and even the quickest martial artist would have considerable difficulty punching in it.
He faced a court martial rather than do what he knew to be wrong.
He was, as the court martial found, absolutely guilty as charged.
And he ends by threatening martial law upon all future transgressors.
She killed the beasts in a series of gravity-defying martial-arts moves, then ran away.
One sound signals the approach of a martial eagle, another warns that a cobra slithers nearby.
After learning the basics, students choose to specialize in a martial arts style based on their interests and physical ability.
The sword provides further evidence of a martial life.
Some are budding musicians, others enjoy martial arts.
They'd also be taught martial arts and how to shoot machine guns.
Martial arts and helping animals keep him on the straight and narrow.
Martial arts is a type of full-contact boxing where weapons aren't used.
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