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Learn about the work first, and you can likely marshal the skills to do it.
And both can marshal strong arguments that they are better managed than their erstwhile peers.
Safe, on-street parking is available for a small fee paid either to an official parking marshal or unofficial minder.
The field marshal in charge of the rocket base looks on, while launch pad workers scurry in the upper left background.
The local fire marshal had decreed that no more than three people could occupy the studio at one time.
Maybe you've got mobs of people showing up to play games and you have to turn some away to keep the fire marshal happy.
Still, the new administration wants to be able to marshal its supporters to act.
But you want to make sure that you have that field marshal there to bring it all together.
But a wheel that shoots off his car doesn't stop until it mortally wounds a track marshal.
Clearly, they help to stimulate discussion and marshal action, and they let governments trawl for and test proposals.
They need only to marshal others in cause as jury and experts.
Records of the fire marshal's investigation: long gone.
Marshal, thanks for the link to your statistics on revenue.
On the other side, many people believe in a deity but also couldn't marshal a philosophical argument to back up their belief.
It doesn't marshal any new primary sources, or research.
Each camp can marshal enough evidence to support their respective cases.
The sky marshal's seat is one less that they can sell at a premium.
The field-marshal has become a symbol of the army's resistance to change rather than a source of stability.

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Of Ernest Hemingway, for example, I feel much as I do of Marilyn Monroe, that he was unable to marshal any ... more
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