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Bone marrow culture is an examination of the soft, fatty tissue found inside certain bones.
The bone marrow was the source of the stem cells that made the procedure newsworthy.
Bones are smashed with rocks and the marrow sucked out.
But researchers in various labs are making progress towards milder methods of cleaning bone marrow that humans could tolerate.
Cut marks suggest that stone tools were used to remove the flesh from the bones and to extract marrow.
Bone marrow grows inside some of the larger bones in the body.
Cancellous bone provides the framework on which bone marrow cells grow and also makes essential minerals available to the body.
Bone marrow is the soft tissue inside bones that helps form blood cells.
They then filled the spinal cavity around the injured area with blocks of hydrogel laced with stem cells from rat bone marrow.
The company isolates, cultures and processes adult stem cells from a patient's bone marrow or synovial fluid.
Bone marrow is spongy tissue found inside bones that contains stem cells that produce the body's blood cells.
The best treatment for the disease is a bone marrow transplant from an immunologically matched sibling.
Fillet steaks were sliced from the spine and the bones were smashed to get out the marrow.
Doctors tried everything to rehydrate her, including sticking a bone marrow needle into her tibia to inject fluids.
Secondary aplastic anemia is a failure of the bone marrow to make enough blood cells.
To restore it, doctors usually remove some of the patient's own bone marrow before treatment, and return it to her afterward.
Idiopathic aplastic anemia is a condition in which the bone marrow fails to properly make blood cells.
Stem cells in the bone marrow are believed to give rise to all the circulating blood cells in the immune and blood systems.
Bone marrow aspirate and biopsy are routinely performed to determine whether the disease has spread.
First, there is an insufficient supply of iron, which causes iron stores in the bone marrow to be depleted.
They are absent in cartilage and probably in bone marrow.
Now the bone marrow transplant can be done with one twin donating to the other.
He was charming, he was funny, and he was genuinely interested in how bone marrow treatments were done.
Then they would transfuse donor bone marrow rich in the highly prized stem cells that are capable of generating new, normal blood.
Treatments include bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy.
It begins in either the bone marrow or the lymphatic system, eventually spreading to other organs.
But it's a rich source of blood-forming stem cells similar to those found in bone marrow.
Leukemia, a cancer of bone marrow, occurs in cats and dogs but is less common than other cancers.
They are easy to use and to get to work when you implant them in bone marrow.
Blood or hematopoietic stem cells reside in the bone marrow and are responsible for replenishing blood and immune-system cells.
Cells in the bone marrow, for example, multiply at a great rate to create red blood cells and immune cells.
Bone-marrow transplants for leukemia rely on stem cells to replenish blood cells, for instance.
Bone marrow containing stem cells seeps into the damaged area and forms a clot.
Blood containing stem cells derived from bone marrow impregnates the scaffold.
Doctors said the best shot for a cure was a bone marrow transplant, a risky procedure that required the right marrow match.
First, they carefully extracted a population of immune stem cells from the bone marrow of each diabetes patient.
The needle is then removed, along with the bone marrow sample.
Inside the bones, deep in the marrow, people had grown fat cells.
If this occurs and the bone marrow looks healthy under the microscope, the cancer is said to be in remission.
In multiple myeloma, plasma cells grow out of control in the bone marrow and form tumors in the areas of solid bone.
If the bone marrow or stem cells are taken from a donor, the transplant is referred to as allogeneic.
The bone marrow, which helps the body fight infections, eventually stops working correctly.
Bone marrow is the soft tissue in the center of bones that helps form blood cells.
With bone marrow aspirate, bone marrow cells are sucked out through a special needle.
Healthy red blood cells are made in your bone marrow.
Blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy can detect hairy cells.
The test is done to determine if red blood cells are being created in the bone marrow at an appropriate rate.
And gene therapy was as good as the standard treatment, a bone marrow transplant.
He died much too soon of complications arising from bone marrow failure.
Less commonly, white blood cells are removed during a bone marrow biopsy.
It used to be called a bone marrow transplant, but the new name reflects a change in how the cells are harvested from donors.
It can also appear in other people whose immune system is not working well, such as after a bone marrow transplant.
It should not be used by elderly patients or those with kidney, liver, or bone marrow disorders.
The only other option at the time, a bone-marrow transplant, was ruled out by the lack of matching donors.
Bone marrow transplant has been used in several patients with this condition.
Harvested bone marrow can be combined with a preservative and frozen to keep the stem cells alive until they are needed.

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