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Example sentences for marred

The game was marred by a lengthy protest in the first inning.
City officials launched a renewal programme, but found their efforts marred by payday lenders.
But even that would probably be marred by jealousies and distrust.
Chaos and violence, though, quickly marred this particular demonstration.
Fish caught with barbed hooks and then released are often marred by open sores, some of them quite extensive.
Furthermore, some of the last segments are marred by an insistence on human exceptionalism.
But this gratifying picture of overall economic stability has been marred by the renewed volatility of the housing market.
Unfortunately, the beauty of the concept is marred by two niggling problems.
He points out places where the riverbanks are marred by freshly cut roads.
He does not want it marred by public grumbling, let alone protests.
The testing was marred by the crash of a helicopter filming and photographing the run.
But harmony on the desirability of reform has been marred by disagreement over details.
Election day was marred by ballot-stuffing, inaccuracies in voter lists and multiple voting.
But higher education is nevertheless marred by inefficiencies and skewed incentives.
The wrangling over the choice of head of state, however, had marred the meeting before it even started.
All of them have been marred by violence and claims of fraud.
The court deemed that the previous trial had been marred by witness intimidation.
Since then, his political fortunes have been marred by disagreement over cabinet appointments and even threats of impeachment.
The country has introduced computerised vote-counting to prevent the kind of cheating that marred previous elections.
The concerns about its credibility run deeper than last fall's elections, which were marred by widespread corruption and fraud.

Famous quotes containing the word marred

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