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Now, the managers of some marquee companies are aiming to make this concession permanent.
The season of the darkened marquee is suddenly becoming the season of the booking bonanza.
The university also sported a marquee basketball program that galvanized fan support in a state with no professional teams.
Symmetrical wings flank a grand pavilion and arched entryway with a marquee.
They have marquee names, make appearances, draw crowds.
It wasn't interested in cooperating, especially if it meant hobbling what had quickly become its marquee product.
The marquee has already been restored by a real-estate company as part of an apartment-complex promotion.
Throughout the seventies and eighties, he was a marquee name on college syllabi, the closest thing academia had to a rock star.
It's a big day for college football, with several marquee matchups.
The large menagerie of life-size farm animals that graced the store's marquee for decades is gone.
Conversely, many brands have become strong enough to outlive the loss of their marquee talents.
He refused to look back at the marquee for the name of the film.
The world is facing huge environmental problems, and climate change is the marquee.
The book itself focuses heavily on the marquee names.
The marquee was a brilliant slab of white in the dusk.
The marquee lights flip on, the red carpet unfolds, and the day's first guests arrive.
On my left, a giant outdoor marquee with an ocean of tables.
It was not a good weekend to be a marquee quarterback.
Yes, the critics' raves, award nominations and marquee co-stars are cool.
The marquee would not be structurally joined to any of the privately owned buildings.
Limit scrolling text, blinking text,and marquee style text on your web pages.

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There's more than just animals: Bead-stalls, balloon-men, a Bank; a beer-marquee that Half-screens a canvas... more
You know when there's a star, like in show business, the star has her name in lights on the marquee! Right?... more
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