maroon in a sentence

Example sentences for maroon

They are also known as maroon langurs and maroon leaf monkeys.
To my delight, the color didn't fade with cooking, though it did take on a maroon tinge.
Colors range from cranberry maroon through purple and rose to orchid pink, often in same blossom.
Redskins fans were scarce, but a few maroon and gold jerseys were scattered among the crowd.
Maroon top and gray bottom with chrome return and trim.
Inside is hot, still, and stuffy with that peculiar dust that seems to reside in old maroon mohair living room suites.
Chocolate syrup can also be used to create a bit more maroon color.
The car was restored some years ago, when it was repainted in its original maroon and its red leather interior was refurbished.
Three maroon-robed monks, shorn and strong, arrive to give a hand.
Humboldts can be maroon or ivory or any tone in between, according to the action of their chromatophores, or pigment cells.
He's created a home that is immense and fluid, with beautiful dark woods and shades of maroon.
Maroon is the dominant interior scheme, from the chairs to the chenille-covered settees.
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