marksmanship in a sentence

Example sentences for marksmanship

His arrows fit snugly into the holes they have made only if you accept the usual middlebrow standards of marksmanship.
His colleagues marveled at his marksmanship, and rumor has it that he killed several soldiers.
In that case, counting on poor alien marksmanship might not be prudent.
But there's more to a real sportsman, he implies, than good marksmanship.
Apparently, drinking only improves his marksmanship.
As for marksmanship, she says, real guns are barred from the household.
Keep in mind, the program still boasts it has the highest marksmanship standards in law enforcement.
Firearms training for law enforcement demands more than mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship.
For any hunter, the rifle range is a fine place to practice marksmanship.
The match's stated goal is to offer troops an opportunity to learn additional marksmanship skills as well as compete.
Requires an applicant to complete a training course in handgun use, safety, and marksmanship.
In the previous face-offs, the issues and the marksmanship have not been too sure.
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