marksman in a sentence

Example sentences for marksman

One of the soldiers rushed at her but she was an expert marksman and dropped him to the floor.
He practiced firing into a fence and concluded he was a better marksman than he had thought.
As a good marksman, he would do his bit in any fighting.
One ad portrayed a well-dressed marksman firing at a target in his living room fireplace while a dog lounged at his feet.
There are plenty of rooftops and tall perches for marksman to control and dominate.
But the cherubic marksman set a mischievous precedent with all those arrows.
The village marksman in his mud-tower now makes the whole valley his zone of fire.
Deer hunters must be skilled marksman and follow safe firearm handling techniques.
The site was previously used by recreational gold miners, marksman, and the general public.
Tom had the perfect eyesight of a trained marksman, and he knew from a half a mile away that this animal was big.
He has also been a distinguished marksman for his entire career.
The long range marksman will find prairie dog towns that are untouched.
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