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Palm trees are also used for producing crops and marketable agricultural commodities including coconuts, dates and oils.
Wonderful, all seek the highly marketable supplement to do what essentially free proper diet and exercise do.
We have hydrogen cars now, and are refining the idea to make it marketable.
He puts the timetable for a working, marketable retinal prosthesis at three to five years.
She hopes to have marketable components ready for use in optical networks in about three years.
It's great that career offices are seeking to help students tease out marketable skills from their time abroad.
The building is environmentally friendly, but also marketable.
But the prospect of migrating spurs people in poor countries to acquire marketable skills.
Pharmaceutical companies research hundreds of molecular groups before coming up with a marketable drug.
But in the contest for really marketable skills, government will often be at a disadvantage.
But despite some of the lowest student-teacher ratios in the world, many emerge with few marketable skills.
Unfortunately, the auto industry has consistently failed to build and sell a truly marketable electric car.
And the equipment manufacturers gain a marketable new feature without having to spend another nickel on hardware.
To complete the marketable security purchase, simply review the details and authorize the transaction.
The data is broken down by the various marketable and non-marketable securities.
Help for inventors to develop their technology innovations into marketable products and find federal funding to do so.
Because the cost of a pre-paid plan is too high to make it marketable, it is not a viable benefit design.

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