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Administrators and faculty members would prefer to see the salaries spread out to account for seniority, merit, or market value.
One of the closest applications with a reasonable market value was a flexible touch screen.
Think about the many things that have utility beyond mere market value that profit-based industry would never produce.
Boards have a market value in that neighborhood and private property was not always highly regarded.
These pay levels are based on the market value of the services that they provide.
The rental contract is for fair market value, though much less than the mortgage.
If they receive any compensation at all, it is only a fraction of the market value.
The cost to the victims of their crimes is much higher because stolen goods are fenced at a fraction of their market value.
Listing on the stock exchange would place a market value on those shares.
Regulators have not questioned their current market value.
Technology, globalisation and scale appear to have increased the market value of these groups.
Farmers were paid market value to leave the polders.
Such reasoning is sensible if you regard the ability to produce market value as the sole arbiter of social value.
As investors have learned recently, the market value of investments can change suddenly.
Disposal of resources at less than fair market value.
Unlike sales tax, use tax is based on the average fair market value of the vehicle or vessel rather than the purchase price.
At the beginning of a lease, the vehicle's market value at lease-end cannot be known.
Market value and eq ui ty of the property and the security for your loan.

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