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The variations in the market price of such commodities, therefore, can arise only from some accidental variation in the demand.
It doesn't go to inventors, who receive only a fair-market price for their patents.
Commodity customers face the same stated market price and determine whether to buy or sell on the basis of it.
Farmers are not penalized if the market price ultimately rises higher than the guaranteed minimum price.
It also triggers the market price lookup software that gathers prices from websites around the globe.
It was solved by taking the land into ownership and selling the grazing rights for a market price.
Well, the market price tells us the optimal algorithm.
Coal's market price may be low, but the true costs of its extraction, processing and consumption are high.
Without the patent protection, or legal restrictions of some sort, the market price will be low and the profitability low.
ON a restaurant menu, you'll sometimes see the phrase market price next to lobster or another expensive item.
Government regulations keep coal well under the market price, reducing incentives to get it out of the ground.
On an exchange, a single order could move the market price, creating uncertainty for traders.
But governments, whether to win votes or to protect the poor, rarely charge farmers a market price for water.
And nowhere is the market price of water more critical than in the concept of sustainability.
By the end of the month it was offering eight super-tanker loads of fuel oil at below market price for cash.
The idea that the market price is the right price, however, has been badly dented.
The fact is that we've never been in a situation where universities were charging a market price in the first place.
If you want to live there, you should pay a market price to have things delivered to you.
From the market price growers must deduct the costs of sale to determine profit.
If you want to live there, you should pay a market price to have things delivered to you.
The market price of a good may not necessarily represent the individual willingness-to-pay for that good.
Current market price will be paid on date of delivery.
But with mini-tender offers, the price offered may actually be below the market price.

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A sentimentalist, my dear Darlington, is a man who sees an absurd value in everything, and doesn't know the market... more
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