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Example sentences for market economy

In their view, the best that can be said about reps is that they are a necessary by-product of a market economy.
The regime's inability to provide even basic necessities has wrecked its credibility and spawned a rudimentary market economy.
Any economic system, but especially a market economy, produces winners and losers.
And it is attempting to produce laws for the market economy, not the socialist one.
It is based on central planning mixed with market economy.
Much more important, the country still needs to introduce many changes before it can call itself a market economy.
As a group, they are meant to be the backbone of the market economy.
Allowing people to experience the benefits of the market sometimes means helping them to join the market economy.
There never has been a totally free market economy or a totally mercantile one.
At heart, though, a country where money is given out by the state for nothing undermines the standing of a market economy.
The so called real exchange rate and the so called nominal exchange rate become equal in a free market economy.
Whoever claim they are defending free market economy in political world is, quite frankly, doubletalk.
In a market economy, money moves from the consumer to businesses when consumers buy goods and services.
One of the fundamentals of a market economy is the free flow of information about goods and services offered for sale.
Having a market economy is really different from having a market society.
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