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Individual impressions can even differ markedly depending on the way in which the ink is applied.
When the conversation shifts to other aspects of his work, his manner becomes markedly less animated.
Scientists also observed a markedly different glow in synthetic and altered diamonds.
Compare these answers to show that people can think about or describe a place in markedly different ways.
Respiratory ailments appear to be increasing markedly.
Studies found that it could produce markedly longer survival in some patients.
As soon as the agency actually approves a drug for sale, though, its authority is markedly diminished.
The political and, more important, moral issues at stake are markedly different.
Those rats then markedly reduced their alcohol consumption on subsequent days.
Giving a driver feedback when they are overaccelerating can markedly influence the amount of fuel they use, he notes.
And one that looks mediocre could improve markedly when mixed with other materials in a cell.
The motives of some of his effusions are certainly discreditable personally-one or two of them markedly so.
Real bond yields diverge markedly from nominal yields.
The result was that the level of aggressive behaviour within the troop dropped off markedly.
It includes electric hub motors, which they have developed to be markedly more powerful than any such motors currently available.
One behaved normally, but the other was markedly less active.
The likelihood of further restrictions has increased markedly of late.
Equally significant, the new appointments are markedly diverse.
Economic crimes of all kinds are markedly more common in firms that make a lot of use of it.
But the manner of the two victories was markedly different.
Add the indirect effect on clouds and this could increase markedly, though there are great uncertainties.
Less than three decades later things had changed markedly.
These correlations among crude oil prices are markedly higher than are observed for virtually any other traded good or service.
The odds were the same, of course, but the doctors responses' were markedly different.
But once you enter the realm of unit-level administration, your freedom to spend money as if it were your own diminishes markedly.
If the written letter markedly differs from the verbal offer, then the negotiation begins.
The experience is markedly different, that's for sure.
But the novelties and silly entertainments are markedly different.
Side-by-side, the two phones reveal markedly different display quality.
The treatment of narcolepsy, once a highly debilitating condition, has improved markedly.
And judging from the increased amount of dust in the sediment, the cold periods got markedly colder and drier.
Therefore they embarked upon a large tree planting campaign, with the result that the dust storms were markedly reduced.
Whereas the group that had used the nasal spray were markedly more empathetic.
What is evident is that the body can moderate metabolism to conserve energy and that individual survival varies markedly.
At the same time, effectiveness has improved markedly.
The continued rapid population growth in many poor countries will markedly exacerbate the environmental stresses.
But new research shows that the two species cling to surfaces in markedly different ways.
Malnutrition also raises the disease burden markedly.
Each one reported that the pain they felt became markedly worse when they moved their limb.
But the two universities took markedly different approaches to designing and executing their respective projects.
Cognitive load thus is a two-way street: performance under stress can often improve markedly.
The second time around, the speed-up was markedly diminished.
Interaction eases markedly, which aids productivity.
Conversely, welfare and health markedly improve when animals exercise outdoors.
Inflation had risen to a markedly high level and, more important, had become a matter of national concern and anxiety.
The styles and strategies of the two lawyers during opening statements were markedly different.
And universities themselves are exhibiting a markedly more commercial bent.
Yet even as the economy has markedly improved, the suicide rate has continued to rise.
It's been a grueling sprint, and it finds the race in a markedly different place than when it began.
It's a markedly different experience from looking at reproductions on paper.
The military was more isolated, and over time it developed an ethos that was markedly more aristocratic than that of society.
Both candidates have used television commercials in the past but are now taking a markedly different approach.

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