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To range widely and cannily through hundreds of poems was the mark of involvement in something hallowed and distinctive.
Mark got really mad and said he was going to go over the side to warm up.
The little tips of chromosomes get shorter every time a cell divides, and this shortening is a mark of cellular aging.
Sharing one big, perfect dessert is a wonderful way to mark a special day.
If you need to take a break from wrapping, use an extra skewer to mark the wire's position.
To ensure good drainage, mark off rows and ditch between them to form planting ridges.
Slip the dowel through the vertical and into the hole in the box-frame side, then mark and cut the dowel to be flush.
Put the hinge in place on the back of the door, and mark the holes with a pencil.
The high temperature area is believed to mark a large lake of lava beneath the solidified crust.
Likewise, the uppermost points mark sunrise and sunset on the summer solstice.
Link would mark a train's path with lanterns, and then map out where to set out flash reflectors.
As it stands today, prototype micro fuel cells still fall short of the mark.
Mark the spot with a stake and add the plants as they become available in the spring.
Mark and cut carefully so the angle iron will be level.
On the second night, he asked for a ladder, climbed up the generator and made a chalk mark on its side.
Mark your calendars now so you'll have no excuse to say you're bored later.
These pages mark their debut in a national publication.
It proved to mark a note and a store of food left by his worried companions at base camp.
One illustrious architect had already made his mark on the city.
The lines have been numbered, by which means the reader can readily compare the various readings and mark their transformations.
Arching across the side of the cranium are the temporal lines, which mark the upper limit of the temporal fossa.
Inside the euro zone, no one can be forced to devalue because no one has a currency to mark down.
Ask students to use their print maps, or political maps, to mark the places you are about see photos of online.
Tigers live alone and aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep their rivals away.
The indications are that if you fail the mark test, you're not self-aware.
And it is a cliche of the street that the biggest mark is another hustler.
The chemicals used to mark such trails are extraordinarily potent.
He zoomed in on the upper-left edge of the parchment, and pointed to a small mark on the surface: a fingerprint.

Famous quotes containing the word mark

He was the mark and glass, copy and book, That fashioned others.... more
Here is my journey's end, here is my butt And very sea-mark of my utmost sail.... more
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