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Marine biologists have been campaigning for marine reserves for decades.
Marine iguanas are the only lizards that live on land and in the sea.
And higher on the food chain it is zooplankton, such as krill, that are feasted on by marine life ranging from fish to whales.
In its heyday, the reef was also home to a bizarre menagerie of other marine life.
To get an underwater feel, he stacked lava rocks and planted succulents that mimic marine plants and creatures.
Killer whales, cuddly otters, and jogging shrimp are great reasons to be excited about marine biology.
The underwater architecture is as striking as the marine life.
To understand how nitrogen is used, a basic understanding of the marine nitrogen cycle is necessary.
It towers above the museum's displays of ship models and marine artifacts.
His team is preparing to submit a second study on reference frames in marine mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.
The area's immense variety of fish and resistance to coral bleaching make it an invaluable marine wilderness.
Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins spend their entire lives at sea.
The key ingredient is limestone, mostly calcium carbonate, the remains of shelled marine creatures.
Some methods pull in large volumes of other fish and marine life, which usually die.
As far as the health of marine ecosystems go, perhaps no single pollutant does more harm than nitrogen.
The marine invertebrates are important links in the marine food chain.
And as coral reefs die off, the abundant marine life that once congregated around them will disappear.
New research shows that icebergs are hot spots of marine life.
When shellfish are harvested intelligently, more care is taken of their marine habitat.
Print detailed illustrations of marine iguanas and other animals to color or use in school projects.
If so, the authors note, the marine ecology and valuable coastal fisheries of this region could face considerable problems.
Furthermore, they say that the sandy, seafloor habitat held little marine life-and this habitat is common in the region.
Modern marine life has evolved to live in this chemistry.
And if it is done well, it could help to safeguard marine resources for future generations.
Their marine systems work in much the same way as they do on racing cars.
Overfishing continues to be the main problem for the marine ecosystem.
The dissolved gas could eat away marine animals' shells.
Marine ecosystems depend on the presence of high-level predators to keep other species in check, he says.
Beautiful beaches and unrivaled underwater views lure lovers of marine life to the world's largest coral reef.
The proteins in question come from the crystal jelly, a marine organism.
Few can be failed to be saddened by pictures of albatross chicks that have died after consuming plastic marine litter.
Species similar to those at whale falls may have depended on dead marine reptiles for hundreds of millions of years.
Marine commanders say that the insurgents have shown less resistance than had been anticipated.
Aquaculture by itself will not solve the crises facing marine ecosystems.
High-gloss white marine paint covers the wainscoting, ceiling, and chairs.
Somewhere between one and nine million marine species live on or around coral reefs.
And overfishing of krill, a tiny crustacean that other marine life feed on, threatens the whole eco-system of the region.
And these fish must be caught in the wild, thus putting even more pressure on marine life, not less.
Marine algae are the base of the entire ocean food chain, and were also responsible for originally creating oxygen on the planet.
When marine mammals sleep and swim at once, they are in a state similar to napping.
In fact, some scientists say virtually no marine environment is now without noise pollution.
Since then, he has worked to understand how the plastic influences marine life and to make people aware of the problem.
We know how to catch salmon without significantly hurting the marine environment.
The artist himself rhapsodically described his hometown's pearly and rarely directly sunny light and marine air.
Minuscule viruses on the sea floor have a big impact on the marine ecosystem, a new study shows.
Marine scientists are watching other species for signs of danger.
The many short chapters have been written by the world's foremost marine scientists.
Much depends on what each individual is interested in from marine science to space.
But for many of the marine creatures, the attempt was futile.
Already, the fishing industry pulls in more jumbo squid by weight than any other marine invertebrate.
Much to my surprise, a uniformed marine at my table was missing part of an arm and both legs.
The second method has been around since the invention of the marine chronometer to determine longitude.
References to plants, insects, and marine life appeared in her sculptures and drawings.
To speed up the action and optimize the effects of the marine oligo-elements and minerals, a cold algae mask is applied on top.
Few marine creatures are as mysterious and intimidating as jellyfish.

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