marginal utility in a sentence

Example sentences for marginal utility

There were critics who would say this was all trivial tinkering, modest stuff of marginal utility.
Per-page marginal utility, it's true, is unusually high.
The company was based on economic theory-specifically, on the idea of declining marginal utility.
Because of diminishing marginal utility, income redistribution from the rich to the poor is a key part of the utilitarian's plan.
If prices are above marginal utility, they will eventually revert.
Bottom line: hiring will only occur when the marginal utility of labor inputs exceeds the marginal utility of capital inputs.
When prices inevitably revert to marginal utility, those who leveraged to buy the top lose.
As she reckoned it, my marginal cost was tiny compared to her marginal utility.
In other words, the marginal utility curve of increased inputs into education is nonlinear and probably haystack shaped.
There are few better illustrations of the law of diminishing marginal utility.
Even at that pay level the marginal utility is minimal you will have to cut corners to make ends meet.
The marginal utility of everything decreases as you get more of it.
It boils down to the tipping point of marginal utility.
One thing that upsets me is that no one talks about the diminishing marginal utility of money.
All the inclusion of more brackets does is reflect the declining marginal utility of wealth.
It's a discussion about relative value, and the marginal utility of living in different communities.
The best military strategists prior to that only had above average marginal utility for their individual clan.
Alternatively, you could go to your local econ department and ask pretty much anyone about the concept of marginal utility.
The term denotes the marginal utility of one unit of goods' wealth.
The term determine the marginal utility of one unit of services.
The second term is composed of two variables, the per capita consumption growth rate and the elasticity of marginal utility.
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