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The lateral border separates it from the groove which articulates with the margin of the head of the radius.
The proposed contract, which first looked as if it would be voted down, has so far been approved by a small margin.
The company did not calculate a margin of error for its findings.
At these elevations, plants grow slowly and their margin of survival is narrow.
The public media should know that every poll has a margin of error, and their reporting should reflect that.
The margin is the first position in the buffer that is visible on the display.
We suggest that she decrease the size of her bottom margin.
Whatever the source, the profit margin on a working computer is substantial.
It is my understanding that the profit margin for agricultural products is actually quite small.
But that's a smaller margin of defeat than a similar effort last month.
But the margin for error in handling both the solids and liquids is thin.
One map, for example, highlights counties where the victor won by only a small margin.
The path of the sun and planets are illustrated and there are interesting facts about the solar system listed in the margin.
But with all the close-quarters aerial maneuvering, there's zero margin for error.
And admissions preferences only matter at the margin.
Large sugar producers may thus keep enormous sums of cash on the side-line in order to be able to make potential margin payments.
Agribiz is a high profit margin business, farming isn't.
But the margin of error was large enough that many more may have made progress.
Symbols are defined in the map legend, which is found in the map margin or on the map itself.
For many foods, such as fish and certain vegetables, the margin of error is quite narrow.
Polls suggest that, one way or another, the margin will be slim.
Setae are, in other words, even stickier than expected-giving the gecko a surprisingly large safety margin.
Simplified sketch of coupled erosional-depositional sedimentary systems across a continental margin.
It wants the government to restrain speculative inflows by imposing far higher initial margin requirements on currency futures.
Firms invest up to the point at which the extra return covers the cost of capital plus a profit margin.
Its ilium is distinctive, being dorsally convex in profile and with a thick dorsal margin.
But their service imports exceeded their exports of services by a wide margin.
That's right, they were only in the margin of error.
They're all much smaller than the margin of error, and simply repeating the poll could produce different results.
If actual clean-up costs for the insolvency are less than the margin call, the excess can be refunded.
It seems some phenomena are determinate within some margin of error.
Oh but wait, if you can't cough up the dough for your margin maintenance, they take your stock.
The only thing they're extending is the seller's profit margin.
He also carried the state by his second biggest margin anywhere.
Overall, foreign-born students grad are the majority in engineering by a large margin.
That's a number that doesn't indicate a great margin for error.
Some of you may say that my phone-book survey has a high margin of error.
My comment was directed at someone's suggestion that online education has a higher margin.
Mandatory minimum sentencing has caused an increase in the prison industrial complex, including private prisons, profit margin.
Underline stuff, circle key words, and put notes in the margin.
By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation's balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care.
Widening your ticket's margin of victory or narrowing its margin of defeat is equally pointless.
Until recently, newspapers were accustomed to operating as high-margin monopolies.
They do not focus, the way business people do, on maximizing their high-margin work and minimizing their low-margin work.
It is known that all uses standard margins and margin calls.
Their worries about profit margin should not concern us.
That's fine, but the square in the margin that indicates a note is now plain, where it used to show the date.
Finding a way out of the lab and into the high-volume, low-margin food business proved daunting.
Margin notes are finally having a moment in the literary limelight.
Voters in referenda twice approved tax increases to maintain the foot-patrol system, the second time by a two-to-one margin.
The prose sections contain ever-shifting amounts of white margin space, speeding and slowing the time it takes to read a page.
At press time, he was favored to win, but by a narrowing margin.
The nationwide telephone poll had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.
Not over the outcome, but over the slim margin of defeat.
These yields do not give much of a margin for error.
Practical measures could involve higher margin or collateral measures for those taking bullish bets.
There is also the danger of forced selling, by investors having to meet margin calls or redemptions.
But both depend too much on the low-margin, basic end of the market.
If someone gets sick, his health costs rise and the company's margin shrinks.
Even in a distressed market, that leaves plenty of margin for error.
And as low-margin exporters leave the region, the province is starting to move up the value chain.
The margin of those planning to cut jobs over those planning to add them grew.
The mid-point of the anterior margin of the foramen magnum.
The lateral meniscus gives off from its anterior convex margin a fasciculus which forms the transverse ligament.
It is triangular on section, its base being attached to the margin of the acetabulum, while its opposite edge is free and sharp.
On the medial side of this eminence is a shallow groove, in which is received the medial margin of the head of the radius.
Growth of lower-margin products, such as flash memory, contributed.
Only the winner is announced, not the runner-up or the margin of victory.
It's worth pointing out that this difference was within the survey's margin of error.
The margin of victory was more than filled with improperly, mistakenly, carelessly or ambiguously marked ballots.
The margin data is based on the statewide average retail and wholesale price of gasoline for a single day of the week.
Each new list supersedes all previously published lists of foreign margin stocks.

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