mare in a sentence

Example sentences for mare

Miss one, and he'll run reproductive riot with every unprotected mare.
In general, mare regions of the moon are darker, because their rocks contain more iron oxide.
The mare deserts him to run with the wild horses in the mountains until her colt is born.
One night, the sly stud sneaks upon the other's land and steals the mare.
Also contributing to their smell might have been their diet, which at certain times of the year was mainly mare's milk.

Famous quotes containing the word mare

When we traded the buffalo for a mare, we had no milk to drink, and we still had droppings to clean up.... more
I saw the Arab map. It resembled a mare shuffling on, dragging its history like saddlebags, nearing its tom... more
a long shot at long odds, a black mare By Hatred out of Envy by Despair.... more
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