marching orders in a sentence

Example sentences for marching orders

Maybe it is more to be pitied-as the recipient of conflicting marching orders.
The soldier calls to say that he's received his marching orders.
For some reason, these were the marching orders in this story.
The heads of those agencies serve at the president's pleasure and obey his marching orders.
Because lockstep is no way to go through life, and we've been under marching orders long enough.
All steps must be completed prior to sending marching orders to crews, which in turn starts a forty day clock.
Call them a set of marching orders for the next five years.
Coming from department of finance the marching orders even in good years are to chase grants.
Previous staff as well as those presently employed, performed their jobs with this mandate as their marching orders.
Group of official letters concerning various administrative matters such as marching orders, promotions, and casualties.
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