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Example sentences for marauding

It is supposed that the party was intended for a marauding excursion.
Once afflicted by marauding gangs, it is now much safer.
Against the breathless claim of marauding aliens there are sounder possibilities grounded in current science.
To keep the koi safe from marauding raccoons and great blue herons, the pond has steep sides and hiding places for the fish.
Thieves will disable your traps, wizards will target your mana crystals and clerics will heal the whole marauding gang.
For years, architects have gone to great lengths to protect their buildings from marauding skaters.
Covered bins protect your compost from marauding raccoons, neighborhood dogs and other scavengers.
For example, imagine you and your neighbors are hiding in a cellar from marauding enemy soldiers.
But they do listen to the night, and wait for marauding males to come closer.
Gangs were said to be marauding in the streets with clubs, knives and guns.
They took refuge from marauding armies within the walls of the towns.
In this case, he must track down some marauding cookies, following them into what appears to be his own body.
Proponents say the law is aimed at thwarting a tired stereotype, that of the marauding outlaw biker.
Marauding punks prey on solitary travelers for water, food and clothing.
Marauding gangs are grabbing tracts of land to fatten their electoral rolls.
The little town was constantly threatened by marauding tribesmen.
And for all the excitement of slaying a marauding beast, there are players who prefer to make their killings on the bottom line.
The soldier's instincts were right as he keenly spotted the explosive vest, and tackled the marauding bomber.
For several years, however, small marauding groups continued to wander through the region.
Fasten the lids securely and weight each with a heavy object to protect the containers from marauding raccoons.
The problem no longer could be solved by killing a few marauding elk.
Along the road, drovers had to stop stampedes as well as protect the herd from marauding natives or cattle rustlers.

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Intelligence in isolation turns to aimless marauding.... more
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