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His idea: a marathon race that would allow the cars to run full out for a long period of time.
Regardless of who wins this sprint, the next race--to make sense of the genome--will be a marathon with many runners.
It is a case of two brave old marathon dancers, each holding the other up, with long days and nights of shuffling still to go.
Completing a marathon is a worthy item for the bucket list.
It is a marathon with many runners falling by the way side.
One of the more special moments in the marathon of launch events is crew walkout.
Running a marathon as a training run is a true milestone.
To burn the calories in a large fast-food meal can require the equivalent of running a marathon.
Fantastic optics are what you want for a shooting marathon.
She's training for a half marathon and hoping to do a full marathon by the end of the year.
Marathon gamers, who meet multiple times a week or for longer sessions, fall at the other end of the spectrum.
Sure, it's a great place to take a breather after you've completed the grueling marathon of graduate school.
It had been a tedious few days of marathon jawing and internal spats.
The play can be viewed in three parts or in a marathon performance.
The result is a speed perfectly suited to a sixty-hour marathon.
As in any marathon, exhaustion and fear make quitting seem smart.
These daisy-chains last for hours, for days, for marathon amounts of time that adults can't even imagine.
It's dramatic news when a marathon runner collapses with no pulse.
But no one has to run a marathon to regain strength.
Although battling cancer, he participated in conference calls to plan the start of this year's marathon.
That's a marathon, a half marathon and a little extra for good measure.

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... marathon swimming is the most difficult physical, intellectual and emotional battleground I have encoun... more
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