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It's lighter than a regular book, and easier to turn the pages than with a manuscript.
When you saved that unpublished manuscript on them, you figured it would be accessible forever.
More than two dozen publishers turned the manuscript down.
The percentage that escaped has intrigued manuscript scholars for decades.
The manuscript has been rejected once, but he's trying again.
My dreams of typing the next great manuscript didn't work out.
Here are a few tips for pitching your manuscript that aren't found in the publishers' submission guidelines.
The result is a strange product-more a collection of notes than a polished manuscript.
See images of the fragile manuscript fragments and more.
Readership of popular science books decreases exponentially in the number of equations contained in the manuscript.
The editor, however, requested four copies of the revised manuscript so he could send it out for a second round of review.
Twelve pages of draft, she reckoned, would boil down to one in the finished manuscript.
He was obviously out of control, accusing her of misplacing a page of an original manuscript that she had been typing for him.
Putting a presentation or a manuscript together can also create the necessary momentum to help you refine and advance the work.
Details of how the manuscript was found are clouded.
Here's hoping the editor takes a glance at my manuscript soon.
By now you should have the major course preps completed, so you should have time on weekends to work on the manuscript.
Focus on publishing peer-reviewed journal articles of the manuscript.
There is no final text, only an unfinished manuscript corpus.
She submitted the manuscript to literary agencies whose addresses she found online.
My manuscript was so horrible, she was making an exception.
But twenty years after he began, no manuscript was in sight.
He sent a manuscript off to some editors, and they all rejected it.
But when my friend's writing was appropriated, he still had the original manuscript.
But it is also a raw manuscript in need of an editor.
Shortly before the sale, the manuscript was put on display.
Each author has an opportunity to review and approve the edited version of the manuscript before it appears in print.
It's not as if you have the manuscript ready to send off for review.
He will soon begin pitching to publishers a manuscript he identified.
Fall and spring semesters are reserved for grading, manuscript revisions, and meetings.
We have read your manuscript with boundless delight.
Unpublished writers can enter free by submitting a manuscript for a full-length work of fiction.

Famous quotes containing the word manuscript

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