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No other mainframe manufacturer made the transition.
The manufacturer has made some data from the studies available to the press.
The city is still the country's leading manufacturer of ceramics, with a majority of its population connected to the industry.
Your phone manufacturer should announce this capability soon.
Call the manufacturer or retailer if the owner's manual is unclear.
Once it has a car, the manufacturer must prove it is safe, reliable and user-friendly.
So, worried phone calls to the manufacturer and then to the vet.
Maintain your system and change air filters regularly, as recommended by the product manufacturer.
Tool manufacturer product testing: not as sophisticated as you think.
The submersible's manufacturer offers technical details.
Mileage even varies by model from the same manufacturer.
Students could also visit a local nature preserve, a medical lab or pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Every major tent manufacturer now has an ultralight series or model, and many companies are retooling their entire lines.
Even as a new product is being launched, its manufacturer should be preparing for the day when it has to be killed off.
The manufacturer says this new feature gives the ball the same feel whatever the playing conditions, rain or shine.
Some manufacturers have tried to achieve similar economies by being both manufacturer and subcontractor.
By using recycled materials, the manufacturer creates fewer greenhouse gases.
Blackberry's once-mighty manufacturer is in trouble.
Inside the other, a note that has now gone missing, identified him as the patron of its manufacturer.
His father was an unsuccessful silk manufacturer, and his boyhood was far from happy.
Flour is branded under different names to suit manufacturer or dealer.
Replace or clean the air filter in your furnace once a month, or as recommended by your furnace manufacturer.
Fleet operators also have to make sure a retrofit won't mean sacrificing the original manufacturer's warranty.
If you are a student, try asking the manufacturer for a discount.
But a forklift manufacturer that sent people to look at it isn't convinced.
Although there are several steps involved in the process, it is amenable to automation by a food manufacturer.
And the subsidies make investment in solar plants more risky as the manufacturer is reliant upon government as his partner.
Almost every manufacturer will be required to purchase credits or be fined.
It's up to the manufacturer or some other professional group to initiate these well designed and controlled studies.
But cardiology specialists say the manufacturer may be asking for trouble itself.
You'll need to roll your own malware to override the manufacturer's firmware.
Some critically necessary compounds are made by only a single manufacturer.
If handled correctly, few have long-term consequences for the manufacturer involved.
The railways ministry is manufacturer, operator and regulator of the network.
But even with guaranteed sales to a big manufacturer, participants are struggling.
Neither the agency charged with safety nor the manufacturer acted.
He probably violated the commercial manufacturer's patent.
When re-applying sunscreen, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
Socketed posts shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
The manufacturer's involved, however, seem to be allowed to escape from any hint of liability.
The leading thin film manufacturer uses a material that includes the rare element tellurium.
The researchers investigated the computing systems inside a car without any special knowledge from the manufacturer.
Every automobile manufacturer on every continent will manipulate the data in their favor and in doing so will mislead the buyer.
The exact capacity varies quite a lot, depending on the configuration a manufacturer chooses.

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