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Remember that every social interaction is an opportunity for you to showcase your charm and good manners.
And know that having good manners and not being a social moron is important.
As campuses fight boorish behavior, the nation's largest fraternity seeks a manners makeover.
The subject of manners once seemed worthy of serious attention.
Rather, it comes from an incomplete acculturation to academic mores and manners.
It's only good manners to return the generosity by patronizing any of the city's myriad drinking establishments.
My ignorance is rather total in regards to my question, but yours is completely total in regards to your manners.
The last thing you want is to be in a strange land and let people think your table manners are for the dogs.
Set aside manners and sup the good juices from the bones.
Adults yak on mobile phones and slack on their manners.
Those who defend texting regard such encounters as the clash of two legitimate cultures, a conflict of manners not morals.
Part of the reason that genteel good manners prevailed is that everyone knew each other already.
Your mothers would be ashamed that you have forgotten the manners they taught you.
Everybody knows that chewing your food carefully is part of good table manners.
Technology moves fast, and manners aren't keeping up.
AS if table manners were not enough, now come language manners.
Eating one properly takes three steps: first, forget your table manners.
In the old days when the dogs ran loose, the puppies got trained to have manners by the older dogs.
Granted, teenage manners rarely offer a model of etiquette.
Neither our manners nor our morals are probably much better or worse than they were half a century since.
On the whole though, they have a fairly well rounded education, better manners and a pleasing degree of self confidence.
It is bad manners to knock on the brightly painted wooden door of a ger.
Don a headset to play an online game and you'll hear all manners of slurs.
Sometimes the only agenda of good manners is to make someone feel good.
She was charmed by his good humour and beautiful manners.
What kingfishers lack in fine manners they make up for in fecundity.
Repurposing a useful gift is really a manners minefield.
Their table manners may not be perfect, but the giraffes prove to be fascinating fellow guests.
They sing songs to them about table manners and field chores, about the moral good of selflessness, and the moral evil of greed.
Observing the manners and methods enlisted by this group to respectfully reach a consensus is poignant and inspirational.
Jimmy seems oblivious to how his odor and manners affect others.
It is unfortunate, but some folks don't understand the importance of good manners and treating others with respect.
It is high time someone explained to you about good manners.
The basic infrastructures are not getting built in efficient manners.
But manners and conventions are precisely about solving that sort of problem.
The advantage of this is that students have to juggle all manners of address.
Rather than trying to make a dramatic impact though, these matters were approached in more symbolic and humorous manners.
As a result the mustang had both native sense and correctional-facility manners, and you can do a lot worse than that in a horse.
But with no manners, a rambunctious dog and small children do not mix well.
Jimmy's basic manners, in terms of interacting with others, are also rough.
His access to such elite circles was by dint of his manners, his intellect, and his uncanny ability to fit in.
If modern manners fall short of perfection, their defects can hardly be due to a want of instruction.
It was at its best in choreographic comedies of manners.
By that time he has possibly acquired sense and probably manners.
We were a different country: formal in our manners and dress, but more relaxed about eating meals across from a stranger.
Table manners must, of course, proceed slowly in exactly the same way that any other lessons proceed in school.
To be sure, manners seem to have grown lax, and many of the amenities apparently have vanished.
Much of a nation's history, and more of its manners and feelings, may be gleaned from its public-house signs.
Lupus, after his return, set himself with fresh vigour to reform the manners of his own flock.
The one fault commonly imputed to it is that it has too grave a motive for a comedy of manners.
Yet it is a mere quibble to pretend that the essay does not have easily recognizable manners.
Except that his face is clean shaven and his manners perfect, he might be taken for a tramp.
All are minding their manners, and yet tensions are apparent.
He has a hatred for the aristocracy, and manners that are none too smooth.
Call it diplomacy, public relations or simple good manners: lying is one of the things that makes the world go round.
Lack of scruple was overlain by charm, manners and a seemingly irresistible gift for persuasion.
For sure: but they are all to do with self-interest, not good manners.
Communist-imposed modernity defaced and debased cityscapes, language, manners and much more in the last century.
For once, his journalistic instincts were trumping his good manners.
The language, the manners, the style are way too aggressive.
They do need their own currencies steadily appreciating in gradual manners so that their industrial innovations can catch up.
His formal manners belong to the nineteenth century, but his artistic ruthlessness and freedom to the twentieth.
She had the proper manners of an old-time governess, a schoolteacher or a small town librarian.
And this comedy of manners is so much fun that it wouldn't even need the mystery to be one of the year's top entertainments.
Rue the day when rule of law displaces good manners.
Either way, her bad manners is an insult to all dentists.
Sometimes this fear-and this blackmail-comes dressed up in the guise of good manners and multiculturalism.
They come on time, dress up nicely, and have great manners.
They'll come out with no emotions and great manners.
Fun and spirited, she is an heiress with impeccable, old-school manners.
Occasionally there would be lapses in his ironically courteous manners.
The entire emphasis is on the body's manners, as opposed to its ability to move.
She is still surprised by the rigid manners, the deference and silences in her husband's family.
And yet, though she has better manners, she is not quite normal either.
Jerry was angry at their persistence and openly deplored their bad manners.
Everybody today, they have no manners, they have no civility.
If you can chuck reality into the dustbin, then all manners of silliness seem equally plausible.
He probably didn't know much about statistics, or physics, or good manners.
Yes, they all must meet, and not in trivial manners.
The author parodies the visiting writers-their platform personae and interview manners-with charm and astuteness.
She educates her customers about traditional sushi etiquette, using clever comparisons to southern manners.
Yet blacks have a long history of manners, etiquette, dressing well.
She knew she was bound for the sharp end of the pyramid, and was merely practicing her royal manners.
He said it was about manners, but really it was about power.
Despite impeccable manners, he kept everyone at a distance.
That's not a great quality when it comes to manners.

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